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Rustic Plaque for Liquid Sanity

Written by Jessica Chaffins


Well here I go again….as I am sure you will learn, I do not have the privilege of having enough storage space (but really what mom thinks she does), so why not have something that will be useful (hopefully) as well as visually appealing. One luxury that I do have, is plenty of wall space. So last year I used my some of my cast iron cookware as my kitchen decor. I love all the character within the wood, now I want to continue in my dining room with the similar idea.

After taking a few measurements of what room I had to play with, I knew I had plenty of room to get a 5-6 bottle rack to work. So I raided my husband’s lumber stash to see what I could find to brainstorm with. After a little while I decided on these pieces and how I preferred for it to look. Continue reading Rustic Plaque for Liquid Sanity