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Yea I know, another coffee can use

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok. If any of y’all are like me…I have gotten to where I keep sooooo much stuff always thinking, “hey, I could use this for …. something….someday”.  Before ya know it, you are a hoarder of trash, our garage now looks as though I have a coffee and wine obsession (shhhh). Well while helping my husband clean out the shed and garage of the endless mountain of wood scraps, I decided to put some of these large coffee cans to use…..AT LAST “someday” has finally arrived!!

The great thing is that his shed does not have a finished interior which leaves endless options for storage, especially for the millions of pieces of wood.  He has already been able to put that space to use but is for a lot of his larger pieces.  Nothing for these smaller cuts of wood.

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