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Christmas Ornament Display | DIY Pallet Project

Written by: Renee Reiter

Oh Home Depot….I am not sure if I am mad or glad now that this project is over. I remember the day clearly…I was innocently scrolling Instagram and saw a post from Home Depot with this gorgeous picture below and a caption encouraging me to sign up for a class to learn how to make one. I immediately texted a friend who I know loves Christmas and made plans to attend the DIY class.  Continue reading Christmas Ornament Display | DIY Pallet Project


DIY Cookies for Santa Plate

Written by: Renee Reiter

If you are celebrating Christmas, chances are you have started putting on that extra pot of coffee to help get through the endless to-do’s, because the week is finally here! At this point I am basically crawling out of my skin with excitement for the big day to arrive… Watching presents be opened, playing games and eating amazing food all while spending time with family is pretty much the best!

Although I don’t have any children in my home there has always been something nostalgic to me about leaving cookies for Santa. Seeing cookies be put out and then gone in the morning with only some crumbs remaining was a major part in my “believing” in the magic of Santa; and it’s something I hold dear to my heart. Continue reading DIY Cookies for Santa Plate

DIY Christmas Tag’s | FREE Printable | 8 Designs

Written by: Renee Reiter

Now that Thanksgiving has passed I feel as though I can officially get excited for Christmas without getting any mean glares haha! My first mission this year was to dress up my holiday packaging while not spending tons of money on great but expensive wrapping paper. I plan to use mostly brown craft paper for wrapping this year and thought some cute tags would be just the thing to brighten them. Well, six feet down a rabbit hole later…I had made 3 sets instead of 1 because I was having so much fun! I put my favorites into a mixed collection and thought I would share them here for anyone who may need some last minute gift tags. Enjoy! Continue reading DIY Christmas Tag’s | FREE Printable | 8 Designs