Meet Renee


I am a southern gal, born and raised in SC, although you wouldn’t know if we spoke on the phone…somehow a southern accent escaped me. I am pretty sure the amount of sweet tea I drink is proof enough 🙂 But most importantly I am the lucky wife to a wonderful husband, and mother of sorts to 5 wonderful fur babies that I am completely obsessed with. (Don’t be surprised if you see them in the background of pictures hehe)

Until I met my husband (thats us below) it was just me and my 3 cats (Yes, I was a crazy cat lady…still am really 🙂 ) Then came the 2 dogs that my husband already owned, and we were officially of family.


I fill my days running my business Dandelion Decals which I consider my 6th baby that never sleeps. Shameless preview of my products below 🙂


In my free time (is there really such thing as free time??) I enjoy trying new crafts and recipes and consider myself ADD in my crafting adventures and…well…life really. Since my business is also my passion I also enjoy looking for new ways to use my decals. My husband will tell you that if you stand still too long in this house you will get a decal applied to you! I am not that bad I promise!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog!