Meet Jessica

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Hey y’all!!! I am Jessica Chaffins, a stay-at-home for my three crazy and beautiful little girls and wife to a LEO (law enforcement officer).  So needless to say that my life stays pretty chaotic and busy none stop, but when it comes down to it, I LOVE IT! Pretty accustomed to the noise and the never ending tasks, Renee and I are part of a pretty big family!! We love baseball and now getting into soccer pretty good.  I love creating things to help us make daily functions and organization easier.

Anyway, let me introduce you to my family….these are my three girls….

Abigail (7), Charlotte (5), and Miranda (3)!! Also known here as Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and the Riddler!12112054_10153228211323017_6364213473537963788_n

Abigail is my mini momma…which cause some issues some days but all and all I am proud of how confident she is.  A great help for me many days.  She loves to draw and take pictures…lots and lots of pictures! Loves to take care of people and just help.  Charlotte is my soccer star! Over the past two years, especially this year, her love for it has grown so much more than I ever expected.  Super proud of her, doesn’t let anything stop her. Then Miranda, lowdy, Miranda…she is Miss Personality all day, everyday!! She loves to make people laugh, she loves to just laugh!! We never know what is gonna come out of this chicks mouth!

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Now my husband, Jeff!! A man that I am beyond proud of and grateful for! He is an Army Veteran and now a police officer in Camden, SC.  We have been together since 2000, got married in 2007.  Feel bad for him some days since he is the ONLY male in the household (if ya don’t count the one male cat), but he does awesome! He puts up with all the emotions and chaos like a champ….and then the girls!  I will admit it,  I am a handful myself at times.   He is a big help to me when I try to do things around the home to make things smoother and easier to handle. Good thing woodworking is his passion!!

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Well that is about all I can think of without writing an entire book (I stink at talking about myself).  We do hope that you enjoy our blog!  Again we do ask that you give us feedback on what you like or don’t like, just remember, play nice!  Thanks again for giving us peak and allowing us to share our mess with you!

Much Love-Jessica