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What good is a busted hula hoop???

Stick around … I can show ya tonight!!



Wonder what I am going to be getting wrapped up in today?? You will have to “rest” and see ’til tonight. – JessicaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oh!!!  I have missed y’all!!!

I’m back….FINALLY!!!  Yes, I am still alive and slightly off balance. Have been on the edge of my seat for the last week just itching to talk to y’all!!! At least I have a fairly decent amount of some pretty good ideas (or at least I think they are hehe) to share with y’all!!! So I hope y’all have stuck it out with me and will stay tuned with me this week!!!
Much Love – Jessica


Thanks for nothing Matthew

Aaaagggghhhh!!!! Thanks again Hurricane Matthew…you have just fried my computer!!! Hoping all of y’all will be patient with me while I get this worked out!!

Much love – Jessica 

Using my time wisely…I hope anyway

Lowdy…today has been such a mess.  After volunteering at my girl’s school today, the grocery store run, a meat market run, picking up youngest from her Mamaw’s house, feeding dogs, and now hunkering down the house/yard for “potential” windy conditions  (thank you Hurricane Matthew)…..I am gonna TRY to get some mo’ projects done to share with some of my fav peoples!!! 

Much love – Jessica


Reset Button

Written by: Renee Reiter

I may not have “real” children but the stomach bug is all too real in this house…for the dogs that is. This week it’s my “fur baby” Maggie. She has had an upset stomach for two days and I am kicking myself for not using what I call the reset button sooner. It works every time! DISCLAIMER: I am not a Vet of any kind. This is just what works in my house 🙂 Continue reading Reset Button

Can’t exactly use them as firestarters yet….

…..but stick around for a bit and I can tell ya what you can do with them!! See y’all later!!

– Jessica 


It is all because of y’all that our first month of taking this crazy leap has been far more successful than we EVER anticipated!!!  I appreciate you listening (actually reading) to our rambles!! Good to know we haven’t ran ya off yet hehe!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Little Free Library

Written by Jessica Chaffins

A few months ago the principal from a local elementary school was looking for someone who would be up to the task of making a little free library for her school.  If you are not familiar,  there is a website,, that is a global registry for neighborhood libraries or book nooks.  These are small libraries that are filled with donated books.  There is essentially no time limit on how long you borrow a book, it isn’t even required to be returned to the same little library.  You can borrow a book here and return to it to a library in Colorado, heck even China!!  You are only asked to donate a book for every one you take.  To find out more info, click the link above and see what they are all about.  Continue reading Little Free Library

Saturday is here people….what are y’all up to?  Not much here for me…other than good ole’ ‘merican football for most (it is fall in the south, so wouldn’t expect much less).  But I spent most of my day doing chores, figuring out halloween costumes for this year, and plotting out what goodies I wanna share with you 🙂 this week. Hope y’all are havin’ a good one!! 

-Jessica Chaffins