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Back to the DIY Grind

Well now that 2 soccer camps are over…..

for now….

It is back to tackling a lot of my DIY list at home!!!  Hmmm…..or maybe I should just park it and take a break….yea not likely!!!  I will let ya know tomorrow just how I’m gonna “park” it!!

Much Love – Jessica



Momma Festivities 

I’m so sorry I have not made it back to share with you the last bit of my spring cleaning fling!!! I had some surprise Momma’s Day fun pop up (take a looksie below)!!! Will definitely fill ya in on my second portion of my spring cleaning finals Monday afternoon!! Will also share with y’all this Thursday on how these awesome little garden markers were made for me!!! Hope all of y’all had an awesome weekend! Talk to you again soon!!!

Much Love – Jessica 

Spring cleaning wrap up!!

Well it has finally come to an end!!  I was able to make use of the most of my excess treasures!!  It has actually been fun for me (well most days anyway) and I hope you join me again tomorrow and Friday to check out how ended my spring cleaning marathon!!

If ya missed out, just click on the links below to check ’em out.  See y’all tomorrow!!

Much love

This will just make you shutter, plus an update
Who doesn’t love being the center of attention?


Popped a few too many tops…time to thin ’em out












Creative minds are rarely tidy….hence the extensive spring cleaning!!!  At least this is going far better than I anticipated!!!  Been able to combine most of my “extras” to make something new and so useful for us!!

But I will have to say that I am far more excited about my new project for this week!!!  This is something that I needed terribly and am soooo excited to see that it looks wonderful!!! I “shutter” to think that you will miss it!!

wp-1492035414985See ya tomorrow!!! Much Love – Jessica

Still truckin’ with this spring cleaning…if ya weren’t here last week, I used up some bottle caps to make us a handy serving tray for our backyard festivities.  Click here to check it out.  Turned out pretty awesome if I say so myself.

Popped a few too many tops

Now what to do with this left over tile from the kitchen makeover.  It is just too pretty for me to toss out!! Join me tomorrow to see how I make this the “center” of attention!!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMuch Love – Jessica

Spring cleaning in full gear


Wow!!! Sorry I haven’t been around much this past week…talk about being busy!!! Over the next few weeks I am going to show how I have been busy “spring cleaning” most of my craft and DIY supplies!!!  I will kick off tomorrow afternoon with downsizing my stash of bottle caps, with many other easy projects to follow, in the next few weeks, that use up a lot of extras and leftovers (not the meat loaf) that I have around here!!!  But in the meantime, check out some of our other handy cleaning tips by clicking on our DIY Organization page!!

Talk to ya soon- Jessica 🙂



Join me…well my girls actually…tomorrow to see how they got their flowers a-bloomin’ so soon!!!

While ya wait, hang around to check out some more of our outdoor projects….

Always feels good to bee invited
Spring is coming to life
Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade
Wine Bottle Rain Chain

Necessity is the mother of invention: MEN’S EDITION

Jeff has a need (no not for speed you movie nuts) …. stick around to see what he is up to!!!!

– Jessica 

Essential oils can make anything happy 

Written by Jessica Chaffins

See…looks like these fellas are loving my Brown Sugar Body Scrub. A litte creepy, but still loving it!!

Hop on over and check out some of our recipes using essential oils.  Come on, admit it, what else do ya really have to do on a Friday night (especially if you’re like me, don’t judge, I’m a mom hehe).

DIY Dryer Balls

DIY Sleepy Time Spray

DIY Aroma Therapy Neck Wrap

DIY Carpet Freshner

DIY Scar Eraser

Y’all have a good weekend!! Party hard and stay safe!!