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What’s in your cereal….box?!?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok, I am back….finally….hopefully….ugh!!  Between wrapping up soccer season, Halloween and Trick or Treating, dealing with midnights shifts for my hubby and last but not least….Strep throat!!!  But I am not going to dwell on the day to day mess of our crazy home….at least not right now haha!  For now, I have the urge to get some clutter and mess under control, especially in my daughters playroom.  Every year about this time, I have my girls go through their toys and stuff to let me know what they don’t want anymore (which surprisingly goes better than I anticipate).   But they have one “section” of their playroom that they rarely get rid of items and since they do actually play with this stuff so often I don’t mind them keeping most of it (actually all of it, but don’t tell my husband that hehe).

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Geez, all the dust in here!!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Okay, so here I am again sharing another cleaning hack.  With kids, seems like this is all I do.  Anyway, I promise this will be short and sweet, but it works really well for me in my kitchen and hopefully it will help in yours.  Don’t know if ya remember or not but our kitchen is very small.  I have been able to successfully work around a lot of issues that arise from having little space.  Even issues that have nothing to do with the amount storage space.  With having such a small kitchen and no ventilation out of the house…guess they decided to skip that step in building this house, among other things, ugh but back to the point…steam and grease carry in the air and settle on everything!!  Needless to say, our kitchen needs a lot of love and care to keep it clean.  After a few dozen times of scrubbing all the things that are rarely touched or handled, I was determined to find something to make my life easier! Continue reading Geez, all the dust in here!!

User Manual Manual

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like many other people, prior to having my kids, I was always told my life was going to change drastically….”it will be sooo different”….well duh I knew that.  BUT I will admit, I never expected to impact us when it came to user manuals (for sooo much DANG stuff)!!!  Before kids, we were able to keep all the user manuals for important things in a “junk” drawer in our kitchen……needless to say that has since changed post-kids…… Continue reading User Manual Manual

Guess I will clean out my microwave

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So the weekend didn’t go as I had hoped.  Between the weather and other little monkey wrenches getting tossed in the mix, I was only able to accomplish, um ……………. nothing. Ugh. Didn’t get to work on my rock bed around the my rain chain, didn’t get to pull my Halloween decorations from the attic, didn’t get to start on Halloween costumes either.  Ok, well maybe one thing, I did get to go pick out some materials for my kids Halloween costumes but that was about it (will be sharing that later!).

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Craft Room Organizing…If That’s Possible

Written by: Renee Reiter

Hey y’all! I was cleaning up the craft room yesterday….(hiding the clutter really) and thought I would share 5 of the cheap things that have helped me stay organized over the years. Nothing super inventive or anything but I thought I would share. After all is there such a thing as too many organization ideas? I think not! Continue reading Craft Room Organizing…If That’s Possible

Time has come to hang it up…..

Written by Jessica Chaffins

… backpacks that is.  My wall mounted coat rack that my husband made for has worked out great, except for the girls backpacks (insert eye roll here). Originally I asked him to make me another one to hang little lower on the wall for backpacks, but quickly changed my mind. Decided I would use something a little more simple.  I love decorative hooks and knobs…hundreds of tiny pieces of art that subtly reflect your personality!!  So of course I had to visit my local Hobby Lobby and dig through all their lovely treasures!! Continue reading Time has come to hang it up…..

Cleaning a glass stovetop the easy way (cause I can be pretty lazy at times)

Written by Jessica Chaffins

I am going to be the first to admit…I am terrible at letting certain chores go toooo long without being done.  Giving kitchen appliances a good scrub down is one of them…especially the stove.  Thankfully it is an easy fix and cheap at that; if I don’t have to purchase a “special” cleaner to get it done, it’s even better.  Good thing about this task I only need two (2) ingredients which are two items that I always have around.   Continue reading Cleaning a glass stovetop the easy way (cause I can be pretty lazy at times)

Better Posture


Written by Jessica Chaffins

Since we have such a small kitchen in our home, it goes with out saying, storage can be a bit of an issue.  Luckily, for some of the issues, solutions are pretty simple…for instance…we only have four drawers to use in our kitchen (not very big ones at that) so most of my kitchen utensils reside on the counter top in a big canister.


I like my canister but it does wind up turning into a cluttered mess.  Continue reading Better Posture

Yea I know, another coffee can use

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok. If any of y’all are like me…I have gotten to where I keep sooooo much stuff always thinking, “hey, I could use this for …. something….someday”.  Before ya know it, you are a hoarder of trash, our garage now looks as though I have a coffee and wine obsession (shhhh). Well while helping my husband clean out the shed and garage of the endless mountain of wood scraps, I decided to put some of these large coffee cans to use…..AT LAST “someday” has finally arrived!!

The great thing is that his shed does not have a finished interior which leaves endless options for storage, especially for the millions of pieces of wood.  He has already been able to put that space to use but is for a lot of his larger pieces.  Nothing for these smaller cuts of wood.

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