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Apparently, parking can be a problem anywhere

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Parking is no longer just an issue for the mall or grocery store. Yes, oh yessss… know what I mean, just a major cluster of those drivers that believe parking lines is only a suggested area to park.  Well apparently my kids have caught on to these wonderful parking skills!! Their logic, wherever it fits is where it sits. Which means 99% of the time that means…..PATIO PARKING….AND IN OUR WAY!!

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UPDATE for This will just make you “shutter”

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well here I am, just as I promised. Almost didn’t return….I have to admit I became pretty irrittated with the remainder of this project.  If you missed it, check out This will just make you “shutter” and it will bring ya up-to-date with my bits of drama.

I finally got a chance to get a barrel bolt for my shutter cabinet.  Hoping that this will help keep the doors closed nicely.  Uhhuh…think again….SURPRISE!!!! That didn’t work either!!! Ok….now I am just t’d off, so much I literally grabbed up all my stuff and just walked away!!!  Dag-nab-it this cabinet is getting the best of me!!

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This will just make you “shutter”

Written by Jessica Chaffins

OH…..This might have been too big of tackle for me (well mostly Jeff but hey)!!  After conquering two projects to overcome my clutter, I may have bitten off a little more than I expected.

My two trays from the past two weeks were so easy and turned out just as awesome as I had hoped……BUT this week I think I went in a little cocky! My plan seemed simple, but I guess that was the issue!  Might seem simple but is little more complex…especially when working with very old, wooden shutters.

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Who doesn’t love being the center of attention?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Wow!!! After last week, I am pretty pumped about my spring cleaning run, especially after last week!! Was able to put a nice dent in my bottle cap stash PLUSS I got to use up an old test piece that I had forgotten about!!  If you missed it, click Popped a few too many tops to check it!!

Since I still had one more test piece of a cabinet door…..what am I to do with this one?  It is sooo much smaller!! (insert glowing light bulb here) I still have bits of tile from when we did a small kitchen makeover.  Why not do a similar idea to my patio tray?


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Popped a few too many tops…time to thin ’em out

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ohhhh it’s that time of year…the sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are-a-bloomin’….yep, it’s spring…spring cleaning season to be exact!!!  Time to get knee-deep in dust and suds giving this house a major overhaul.  Except this year is a bit different for me, I am about to take on a cleaning out all of my craft and diy scraps!!  (insert horror film screams here!)  If you are anything like me, this is one thing I absolutely dread, almost as much as the dentist or doing taxes!!  We…err I mean…I have way too much stuff!!!

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Like I said before…better posture is well, better

Written by Jessica Chaffins

READER BE WARNED….You are about to enter into the hidden caverns of our dinky little kitchen.  MY CABINETS ARE AWFUL LOOKING and very crowded.  So as I have mentioned before, I have to make the most of all the space I can.   And I am here to show you, again (I know….I’m a mom, I am entitled to nag a bit),  good posture matters.  Hopefully between my rig up here and my utensil canister from my previous post, Better Posture, this could help y’all out too.

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DIY Lavender Linen Spray with Essential Oils

Written by: Renee Reiter

TGIF!! This has been one heck of a week and a good day to post something quick and simple but really useful. I sometimes struggle to fall asleep especially when out of town so I love taking this with me when I travel. Lavender is often used for sleep products since it is known to help with anxiety and stress which in turn can help you go to sleep easier. Continue reading DIY Lavender Linen Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

Written By: Renee Reiter

Jessica and I recently discovered that we both love essential oils and decided to do a day of DIY til’ you drop with EO’s. I highly recommend doing this with your girl friends, as it was a lot of fun and we made 6 or 7 things in one day! These microwavable neck wraps were one of them and they smell AMAZING! Continue reading DIY Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

Written by: Renee Reiter

In my quest for ways to make my house smell less like 5 animals and a soccer player (thats the hubby); I went in search of a natural air freshener. I am getting sick of Febreze and feeling ready for a change. I stumbled upon this recipe over and over and I see why…it just so happened to be the BEST air freshener I have ever tired! And incidentally it has become my favorite solution to combat the dry winter air coupled with the gas heat running in my home.

I am not sure who to give the credit to for this wonderfully simple concoction since I have seen the recipe so many places; but I thank them a million times over 🙂 Continue reading Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

Everybody needs a little color in their life

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok….who doesn’t enjoy coloring?!  I mean really, I don’t care how old you get, coloring just puts you in happy place…at peace…getting to watch a beautiful array of colors just take shape.  Oh and the smell of a box of good ole’ Crayola crayons…..ahhh…..just makes me smile.   Makes me think of all the times I just laid on the living room floor with my pencil box full of crayons creating my own little pieces of art!! Even some memories as a kid too hehe!!  Just kidding, kinda. Continue reading Everybody needs a little color in their life