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Apparently, parking can be a problem anywhere

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Parking is no longer just an issue for the mall or grocery store. Yes, oh yessss… know what I mean, just a major cluster of those drivers that believe parking lines is only a suggested area to park.  Well apparently my kids have caught on to these wonderful parking skills!! Their logic, wherever it fits is where it sits. Which means 99% of the time that means…..PATIO PARKING….AND IN OUR WAY!!

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Well it is finally set in stone

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Hello awesome peoples!!!  Hope y’all are having a great week.  If it is anything like ours….it is super BUSY!!!  The school year is ending for the girls, with summer & sports about to kick off,  Lowdy!!! Well besides all that…I wanted to share with y’all my awesome Momma’s Day gifts from Jeff and the girls!!!  He knew how much I wanted to add so much more color to my garden and they hit it out of the park for me!!

If ya missed my blab from last week….here they are in the pic below.  Cute little “stone” garden markers.  Made by the hands of my awesome hubs and my girls!! I wanted to share with y’all how you can make some of your own, which according to Jeff, they are pretty easy to do.  So bare with me this time….I have to do an “interview” since I was not a part of this DIY party, hehe!! And here we go….

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Love when a window of opportunity appears.

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Finally, for real this time!! Yes, really, I have finally reached the end!! Spring cleaning of my excess DIY “treasures” has come to a close.  Grant it MAY be due to sheer frustration that it is over, but nonetheless it is over.   I have to admit I am rather pleased with how much I was actually able to do.  Sometimes for me, it takes sitting back and just scooping out what I do have without an idea already planted in my mind of what I want to do.  Knocked out some of my wine bottles, leftover tile, bottle caps, shutters and cabinet doors (that just happened to be buried under said treasures) go ahead and check those out if ya missed it.  I’ll wait here. Hehe.

Well lets get to it….my last bit is just using up these two windows I had sitting in the garage and shed.  Need to get these going so we don’t have busted glass under little feet from any accidents that may happen.


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Let’s enjoy a bottle, or two?!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

I have finally reached the end, at least for me!!  I feel like I have made a good dent in some of my extras, but sho’ haven’t gotten rid of it all!! Pssshhh I’m not that good!! At least I was able to use up a good bit of my little “things” that have added up and taken up the most room.  Used up a good bit of bottle caps (will be using more since my mom has now asked for one too, hehe), put my leftover kitchen tile to good use, even made great use of those shutters that have been sitting in the garage!! Needless to say, I am pretty pleased that I was able to use them up, even with some of the hiccups, still pleased.

Now onto my next cluster of overflow….major overflow….WINE BOTTLES!!! This is only a small smidge of ’em, geez, trust me, I have plenty!!!! Ssshhh….don’t judge hehe!! Momma has to have her grape juice too.


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UPDATE for This will just make you “shutter”

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well here I am, just as I promised. Almost didn’t return….I have to admit I became pretty irrittated with the remainder of this project.  If you missed it, check out This will just make you “shutter” and it will bring ya up-to-date with my bits of drama.

I finally got a chance to get a barrel bolt for my shutter cabinet.  Hoping that this will help keep the doors closed nicely.  Uhhuh…think again….SURPRISE!!!! That didn’t work either!!! Ok….now I am just t’d off, so much I literally grabbed up all my stuff and just walked away!!!  Dag-nab-it this cabinet is getting the best of me!!

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Always feels good to BEE invited

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like I mentioned last week, I have decided to brighten up my vegetable garden area after years of looking at dead and drab in the “off-season”.  And I have to say (no bias here at all hehe) I am loving my dragonfly, even though I did make a few adjustments on how I had it hanging on the fence, still love it.  Go check out my post on how to make this simple little cutie (Spring is coming to life)!

As much as I love it, I still needed more color.  So why not send out a mass invite to some other great bugs, BEES!!!  Especially since they are so beneficial to my garden (at least when I actually get my veggies planted).   Plus Jeff has already set up a bee hotel (yep, really a hotel) for them on the side of the shed, so plenty of room we do have!!

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Spring is coming to life

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Mother Nature has decided to go ahead and just lay spring on us with all her glory. Even the not so glorious stuff….mosquitos, wasps, pollen, oh the pollen!!  As much as I get frustrated with the usual nuisances I still have far more that I do love and enjoy about spring!!  my vegetable garden with my girls, sitting outside on the patio grillin’ it up with the hubs (with a tasty adult beverage of course) and just watching nature wake up from this supposed winter slumber (if you even want to call it that).

My Sweet Swamp Sunflower


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Now Open…. for feeding

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So after running into some minor “construction” delays…it’s finally open for business…only if your business is climbing a pole (let’s keep it clean people) and eating!!  My intention was to mount the feeder in the same location that I had my previous feeder mounted. But just as most construction, issues surfaced and forced my hand a bit to alter my plan. Continue reading Now Open…. for feeding

Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ohhh the outdoors….how I love you!! So many wonderful things to enjoy being outdoors…the gorgeous flowers, sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the enchanting birds, wonderful scent of a barbeque going, my girls laughing in the distance, lightnin’ bugs (fireflies for all you non-southerners hehe) fluttering in the dusk.  Then we have the squirrels….lowdy all the squirrels.  I have to admit they are pretty entertaining most of the time so they don’t really bother me being all over the yard too much, until they want to attack my bird feeders.  Guess it is their way of letting me know I am being slack in their feedings…hmm, starting to act like my kids a little bit here.  Anyway, I do like being able to tend to them too, even if it is for my own personal entertainment, so my husband was awesome enough to make them some feeders a few years ago.  I am sure most of you know the damage they can cause, so needless to say it is time for an upgrade. Continue reading Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade

Wine Bottle Rain Chain…actually rebar but let’s not get into semantics 

Written by  Jessica Chaffins

I’m so excited now that I finally get to put some of these EMPTY wine bottles to use!!!  As much as I have enjoyed accumulating most of these bottles, I have grown tired of looking at all these things just laying around…EMPTY at that!!  Oh well. Back to what I was sayin’….I have finally figured out a very beneficial use …a “rain chain”!!  For those you who might not know what that is, a rain chain is a replacement for a downspout on your gutter system that disrupts the flow of water.  It helps to keep the water from pounding into the ground, in turn causing the ground to erode around the foundation, which will cause serious foundation problems (already been down this road, rather not go back). Continue reading Wine Bottle Rain Chain…actually rebar but let’s not get into semantics