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Love when a window of opportunity appears.

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Finally, for real this time!! Yes, really, I have finally reached the end!! Spring cleaning of my excess DIY “treasures” has come to a close.  Grant it MAY be due to sheer frustration that it is over, but nonetheless it is over.   I have to admit I am rather pleased with how much I was actually able to do.  Sometimes for me, it takes sitting back and just scooping out what I do have without an idea already planted in my mind of what I want to do.  Knocked out some of my wine bottles, leftover tile, bottle caps, shutters and cabinet doors (that just happened to be buried under said treasures) go ahead and check those out if ya missed it.  I’ll wait here. Hehe.

Well lets get to it….my last bit is just using up these two windows I had sitting in the garage and shed.  Need to get these going so we don’t have busted glass under little feet from any accidents that may happen.


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Let’s enjoy a bottle, or two?!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

I have finally reached the end, at least for me!!  I feel like I have made a good dent in some of my extras, but sho’ haven’t gotten rid of it all!! Pssshhh I’m not that good!! At least I was able to use up a good bit of my little “things” that have added up and taken up the most room.  Used up a good bit of bottle caps (will be using more since my mom has now asked for one too, hehe), put my leftover kitchen tile to good use, even made great use of those shutters that have been sitting in the garage!! Needless to say, I am pretty pleased that I was able to use them up, even with some of the hiccups, still pleased.

Now onto my next cluster of overflow….major overflow….WINE BOTTLES!!! This is only a small smidge of ’em, geez, trust me, I have plenty!!!! Ssshhh….don’t judge hehe!! Momma has to have her grape juice too.


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Who doesn’t love being the center of attention?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Wow!!! After last week, I am pretty pumped about my spring cleaning run, especially after last week!! Was able to put a nice dent in my bottle cap stash PLUSS I got to use up an old test piece that I had forgotten about!!  If you missed it, click Popped a few too many tops to check it!!

Since I still had one more test piece of a cabinet door…..what am I to do with this one?  It is sooo much smaller!! (insert glowing light bulb here) I still have bits of tile from when we did a small kitchen makeover.  Why not do a similar idea to my patio tray?


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DIY Bottle Cap and Wine Cork Holder

Written by: Renee Reiter

Hey y’all! Did ya miss me?? Feels like it has been forever since I posted! I have been working hard on some 2017 goals that I had set for my vinyl business this year. But Jessica has been busy posting some amazing things; if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, be sure you do!

Okay, need to take you back to 2016 for a minute for this one. Yes, I know I have really been slack on posting my projects! Last year the hubby and I were overjoyed to hear that his brother’s girlfriend said “Yes” to the big question and that wedding plans were under way. I was honored when Brittany (his wife) asked me to make a few things in vinyl for the big day! One of the items I was lucky enough to help with were some boxes to hold the wine corks and bottle caps from the wedding reception.  Continue reading DIY Bottle Cap and Wine Cork Holder

One kid’s trash is a mom’s treasure….

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Since the south here has forgotten what winter is supposed to feel like, my girls have actally been outside a good bit lately….thank ya lowd!! With that comes the endless amounts of junk all over the yard….especially if it has busted.  It immediately finds a spot on the ground…to die. Then it becomes trash for mom or dad (hell even the dog) to do away with.  But not this time…. Continue reading One kid’s trash is a mom’s treasure….

Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

Written by: Renee Reiter

In my quest for ways to make my house smell less like 5 animals and a soccer player (thats the hubby); I went in search of a natural air freshener. I am getting sick of Febreze and feeling ready for a change. I stumbled upon this recipe over and over and I see why…it just so happened to be the BEST air freshener I have ever tired! And incidentally it has become my favorite solution to combat the dry winter air coupled with the gas heat running in my home.

I am not sure who to give the credit to for this wonderfully simple concoction since I have seen the recipe so many places; but I thank them a million times over 🙂 Continue reading Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

I Am Not Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes…Just Your Dryer Balls


Written by Renee Reiter

A few years ago I was given a set of plastic dryer balls with little spikes all over them to put in the dryer. Admittedly, I knew nothing about them and just started throwing them in the dryer along with the normal process which included a fabric freshener sheet; which I now know is not needed. I eventually lost one of the balls and worrying about it was pretty low on my priority list.

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Such Exquisite Pieces

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like any mom knows….when ya have kids, especially young ones, you accumulate endless amounts of artwork.  I love seeing all the things they create and getting an “inside” view into their imagination, learning of how they see things.  So naturally, like any mother (anybody for the matter), I want to display it.  One big problem though….my fridge is only so big, so ya can’t possibly display all of it on there.    Good thing is I didn’t have to look very far.  I had a nice open space right behind our dining room table!! Continue reading Such Exquisite Pieces

Crayon Art…I had to try it

Written by: Renee Reiter

So apparently if everyone jumped off a cliff, I would too. It seems like everyone is doing crayon art these days..and now so am I.  Kind of too cool to pass up! I have mentioned my obsession with color before so this seemed like a must do! A few things I learned on my first attempt: Continue reading Crayon Art…I had to try it

Quick and Easy DIY Coaster Set

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