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Um well that was a shrinky don’t

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Soooo I have another fail ***Insert eye roll***!!  Some of you have probably heard of Shrinky Dinks…but other people like me, who have apparently been living under a rock, have not.  So, needless to say, once I started seeing all these videos on Facebook about DIY Plastic Charms, I was all about it!! Continue reading Um well that was a shrinky don’t


Written by Jessica Chaffins

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween too!! All the fun food; dressing up my girls (sometimes me and Jeff); the scary (and sometimes extremely corny) movies and all the decorations, especially the decorations!!!  I always enjoy creating ones that make you either chuckle or just say “uh..ew?!”.  The reaction either way is good to me.  This is just some of the few I did in the years past.

So, as usual, I scout out the internet for ideas and inspiration to make some new additions to my stash.  As luck would have it (hmm) I came across a DIY ghost dress!!  SCORE!!  All I needed was chicken wire and glow-in-the-dark spray paint!! Short material list and something I know not many people around my area would have!!

DIY Ghost Dress

After looking it over to “dissect” it, I ASSUMED it wouldn’t be that difficult (we all know how that usually goes).  PSSSH, boy was I wrong!! In high insight, I should have known better since it did call for chicken wire (not always the easiest material to manipulate).  

Making the bodice portion of the dress was easy enough….I just wrapped it around my torso and commenced shaping.  Once I got the shape I liked, I only had to cut away  the parts of the wire I didn’t need for the look.  Bam!….part one done. On to the lower portion of the dress….this is where I ran into a lot of trouble.  I could not get that darn skirt to “mold” into the shape I wanted.  No matter how much I bent and twisted the wire I could not get it to do what I wanted it to do.  After a few hours of fighting against constant curling, I decided to just cut long strips to form the skirt piece.  This actually went pretty well for a while….until I stood it upright.  Ugh!!! Not thinking…I attached too many wire strips to the small bodice piece causing it to be top heavy.  I’m sure if I had more patience, I could have figured out something to help keep it from looking like a broke-back-broad BUUUTTT I had none left.  So for me, I had to consider this a fail. Bummer. Maybe I can try it again next year. Maybe.  

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