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Popped a few too many tops…time to thin ’em out

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ohhhh it’s that time of year…the sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are-a-bloomin’….yep, it’s spring…spring cleaning season to be exact!!!  Time to get knee-deep in dust and suds giving this house a major overhaul.  Except this year is a bit different for me, I am about to take on a cleaning out all of my craft and diy scraps!!  (insert horror film screams here!)  If you are anything like me, this is one thing I absolutely dread, almost as much as the dentist or doing taxes!!  We…err I mean…I have way too much stuff!!!

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Everything needs a good scrub

Written by Jessica Chaffins

While I am attempting to get dinner going, I decided to share about me scrubbing up some potatoes to get ’em ready for the oven.  I know, I know, what an exciting life I lead. But hey I am all about sharing whatever can help make your tasks easier, hehe.

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave my sisters and me a pair of those exfoliating gloves as gifts.  Yay, I love being able to make myself feeling clean and fresh. But HOLY CRAP!! These suckers hurt!!  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking my mom, cause I am all about bargins too but these suckers do NOT feel that great on your skin.  Talk about some intense skin removal…think lemon zester.  BUT all is not lost….these will work wonders as a veggie scrub brush!!


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EO recipes Part Three

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So here is another essential oil recipe that I wanted to give a try….Scar Eraser.  I am not sure how many of you would find this interesting, but I am.  Little back story so ya can understand why. Continue reading EO recipes Part Three

EO Recipes Part Two (and this one I LOVE)

Ohhh I’m back…as promised (late in the evening but I am here housework has called today) with another EO recipe and I have to say that this one is my fav so far!!  Like before this is another super simple recipe!!! Lemon and Lavender Brown Sugar Body Scrub!!! Mmhhhmm so good I could almost eat it (kinda)!!!  ***Same as before with the carpet deodorizer, these recipes need to be mixed in a glass or metal bowl and stored in a glass jar. No plastics!!*** Anyway, back to the body scrub….I have to say that I was a little worried about using this with sugar and all, ugh sticky much?!  Especially since you are supposed to use it AFTER you wash….uhh hmm?!

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Trying out some EO recipes

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok, ok…..I have finally broken down and decided to try out some essential oils for the first time.   A friend of mine, who is an avid user of EO’s, has used many of them in place of regular everyday products that contain so many chemicals.  I completely believe in all their “powers”, really who had Tide Laundry detergent or triple antibiotic hundreds of years ago.  Many things were handled long before all the mess we have now.  Anyway….that’s for another day and time.

Well now that I am accumulating all these oils, me and Renee decided to try out some recipes with these oils.  So for this week, we will share with you what we are making.  I will admit, I can not give much of an opinion on them as of yet, seeing how I just made them a couple weeks ago.  So I ask all you expert oilers, please be kind, haha…I am trying to learn.  Continue reading Trying out some EO recipes

Um well that was a shrinky don’t

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Soooo I have another fail ***Insert eye roll***!!  Some of you have probably heard of Shrinky Dinks…but other people like me, who have apparently been living under a rock, have not.  So, needless to say, once I started seeing all these videos on Facebook about DIY Plastic Charms, I was all about it!! Continue reading Um well that was a shrinky don’t

It’s time for a Pumpkin Revival!!!Hopefully?!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Who loves pumpkins?!?!  Ok, ok, take it easy….not pumpkin SPICE people….just plain ole pumpkins, making jack-o-lanterns to be specific!!!  As much as I hate the mess and the extremely and creepy feeling of the innereds (blach!!), I love going and taking the girls to a local pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect orange orb!!  It’s a fun time for me and Jeff to spend with the girls.  Then coming home and deciding what face or image we are going to carve on these suckers….so fun!

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DIY Mod Podge…or is it Modge Podge?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well I have finally decided to do it….after years (yes, literally years) of being skeptical of the reliability of this amazingly cheap and easy “shortcut”, I let me curiosity take control….I made mod podge!  And I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at how great it turned out.  So this recipe definitely has my vote!!! Continue reading DIY Mod Podge…or is it Modge Podge?

Kinkajou (don’t ask me to pronounce that) Bottle Cutter


Written by Jessica Chaffins

As usual, I have been planning out some DIY projects lately that will require me to be cutting some wine bottles.  So as you would expect, I was hunting around for the best method to cut the wine bottles easily…work smarter not harder hehe.   While I was doing this, my husband chimed in and said that he saw a video of a guy demonstrating how to use a Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and he thought it looked pretty easy.  Well he had me watch the video and I have to say it did seem pretty quick and easy to use.  With that being said, in the back of my mind, I was a little hesitant since it seemed almost too easy….what’s the catch?! Do ya gotta have that special touch? Or be able to have that magical twist in your wrist?  Hmmm….well we read lots of reviews and all seemed pretty pleased with their results and ease of use.  So I figured what the hey…just try it…so we went ahead and ordered the standard kit.


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter – Standard Kit

Alrighty….it has arrived (pretty quick I might add), so now it is time to start carving up some glass!!  Holy cow!!! I have to say that it is pretty easy to do, especially with the great how-to videos they have on their website. It did take us a little bit of time at first to get in a good groove with it but I did manage to get 6 bottles cut it in 30 minutes !! Woohoo!!!

Now all I have to do is sand these edges so no one gets cut, then just get moving on my projects (be patient, you will see soon).  I am pretty pleased, since cutting these bottles WAS going to be my hardest part of my project.  So needless to say, even though it is a little pricey for my taste, it was well worth it!!!  The only advice I can give is ……FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! Watch the how-to-videos!!! And do not deviate from what they tell you to do to get the best cut!!  I think if you decide to get one you will be pleased!! Good luck!!


P.S. We are not sponsors for this company or product.  I just wanted to share my opinion on a product that I think could be a good asset to have if you like working with glass bottles!! – Jessica







Written by Jessica Chaffins

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween too!! All the fun food; dressing up my girls (sometimes me and Jeff); the scary (and sometimes extremely corny) movies and all the decorations, especially the decorations!!!  I always enjoy creating ones that make you either chuckle or just say “uh..ew?!”.  The reaction either way is good to me.  This is just some of the few I did in the years past.

So, as usual, I scout out the internet for ideas and inspiration to make some new additions to my stash.  As luck would have it (hmm) I came across a DIY ghost dress!!  SCORE!!  All I needed was chicken wire and glow-in-the-dark spray paint!! Short material list and something I know not many people around my area would have!!

DIY Ghost Dress

After looking it over to “dissect” it, I ASSUMED it wouldn’t be that difficult (we all know how that usually goes).  PSSSH, boy was I wrong!! In high insight, I should have known better since it did call for chicken wire (not always the easiest material to manipulate).  

Making the bodice portion of the dress was easy enough….I just wrapped it around my torso and commenced shaping.  Once I got the shape I liked, I only had to cut away  the parts of the wire I didn’t need for the look.  Bam!….part one done. On to the lower portion of the dress….this is where I ran into a lot of trouble.  I could not get that darn skirt to “mold” into the shape I wanted.  No matter how much I bent and twisted the wire I could not get it to do what I wanted it to do.  After a few hours of fighting against constant curling, I decided to just cut long strips to form the skirt piece.  This actually went pretty well for a while….until I stood it upright.  Ugh!!! Not thinking…I attached too many wire strips to the small bodice piece causing it to be top heavy.  I’m sure if I had more patience, I could have figured out something to help keep it from looking like a broke-back-broad BUUUTTT I had none left.  So for me, I had to consider this a fail. Bummer. Maybe I can try it again next year. Maybe.  

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