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Apparently, parking can be a problem anywhere

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Parking is no longer just an issue for the mall or grocery store. Yes, oh yessss… know what I mean, just a major cluster of those drivers that believe parking lines is only a suggested area to park.  Well apparently my kids have caught on to these wonderful parking skills!! Their logic, wherever it fits is where it sits. Which means 99% of the time that means…..PATIO PARKING….AND IN OUR WAY!!

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Back to the DIY Grind

Well now that 2 soccer camps are over…..

for now….

It is back to tackling a lot of my DIY list at home!!!  Hmmm…..or maybe I should just park it and take a break….yea not likely!!!  I will let ya know tomorrow just how I’m gonna “park” it!!

Much Love – Jessica