This will just make you “shutter”

Written by Jessica Chaffins

OH…..This might have been too big of tackle for me (well mostly Jeff but hey)!!  After conquering two projects to overcome my clutter, I may have bitten off a little more than I expected.

My two trays from the past two weeks were so easy and turned out just as awesome as I had hoped……BUT this week I think I went in a little cocky! My plan seemed simple, but I guess that was the issue!  Might seem simple but is little more complex…especially when working with very old, wooden shutters.



But I have to admit…I love them too much to give up on them.  They even have the wonderful old wood smell!!  So I pressed on,  having to really take our time (still actually having to take our time).  I soooo badly wanted to repurpose these great pieces that I was willing to modify as much as I needed to make sure they still had another life left in them…..a storage cabinet for the patio.  I mostly needed it since my girls toys are usually just in a big bucket in the garage or tossed all over the yard and patio.  So why not make it for outside, especially since these bad boys have already survived the elements here in the big S. C.!!!

So to make this cabinet all  I wanted to do was use the shutters as the sides and doors for the front of the cabinet.  Then using a piece of plywood, we would create the back, top, bottom and interior shelf.  To begin this I started with the side pieces, I wanted the sides to be cut a bit longer so all I had to do was remove unwanted slates to create my legs for this cabinet.  Doing this step first helps me determine the actual height of what the cabinet will be.

Well that was easy, now to create my cabinet doors.  Since these shutters were all the same length and style, it was going to be very easy to make sure everything lined up accordingly.  The only thing I needed to do for the doors was to cut them only to center brace of wood.  This will allow the sides to line up evenly and have a smooth visual flow.

Okay, okay, so far so good. Now to start breaking down the sheet of plywood to create all my other missing pieces….top, bottom, back and shelf.  Good thing was it only took about a half of a sheet of plywood to do this part….which is nice for me (and our pocket hehe)!!

First we attached the back piece,  this way we would have our square to attach my top and bottom piece.  Since these shutters were wooden, Jeff just used some exterior wooden screws he had laying around (surprise surprise)!!  We did the same for the top piece as well.

Yay…we are flowing right along (for now)!! We did the bottom a little different.  Since the bottom is going to be a “shelf” piece….Jeff attached some small support pieces for the edges just to keep anything from bucking to easy.  Nothing that will be placed in the cabinet will have much weight at all, so we didn’t need anything more for support.  We also did the same for the middle shelf.

Now that it looks like a simple bookcase…it is time to turn this into my storage cabinet!!! Here is where all the hiccups begin….pay attention, don’t mess up like we did. When we attached the shelves inside of the cabinet, our measurements were off by a hair, we did not “measure twice, cut once” deal.  We went all out …. measured once, cut once and for the hell of it we just went ahead and attached.  NOT THINKING TO DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE WE DID THAT!!!  So now with only that small bit off on BOTH shelves I am left with this “large” gap!


If we were to force this hinge to reach, the doors would not close properly….pssh if they EVEN closed at all.  I didn’t want some weird small shim piece under the hinge (that would look really thrown together then).  So after Jeff searched through some of his scrap pieces, he found the perfect piece for us to attach along the entire “leg”.

Perfect…looks like it was almost on purpose

Now to just cut those to the correct length and attach my hinges…….


AGH!!!! Really….got so caught up it making sure the hinges fit correctly that we didn’t pay attention!!!!  It split….the stinking wood split….ya know why?! I’ll tell ya why!  WE. DIDN’T. PRE. DRILL. THE. HOLE!!! Ya know what I am leaving it, I am not gonna worry about, we will just write it off as character for the piece!!! Geez!! I can’t believe we forgot that!!! Just going to move on and attach the rest of the hinges (and pray I don’t mess up again)!!

Let’s see if I can paint this plywood without messing up something else.  I am not going to paint the actual shutters.  I love the shade of blue and all the natural distress of the pieces already. I did take Jeff’s orbital sander to remove the chipped paint and to smooth out the plywood for painting.

Searched through my leftover paints and “oops” paints to see what I wanted to use…found a small quart of paint that matched the house.  Figured it was just the right touch to match the house.  So I went ahead and painted away, keeping all my fingers, toes and anything else I could cross crossed to make sure I made it through without trouble.  Which thankful I did!!!  It turned out pretty nice even after all my hiccups.

Tomorrow, I will finally be able to post a final and completed pic of my cabinet to share with y’all.  I wanted to go ahead and share what I have done so far.  Even after all my hiccups, it turned out pretty good.  Will doll it up some more as I continue to spring clean and fix up our patio.

Just couple more touches to the cabinet.  After the doors got a little cockeyed….I decided I need to go buy a bar closure to make sure the wind or nothing crazy catches those doors just right and flings them open all the time.  Between school field trips, having Jeff home on vacation, and just regular end of school year activities….I feel like I can’t get anything completed.  Oh well, life of a wife and mom, what are ya gonna do.  Anyway, like I said, I will definitely be sure to share with you my completed cabinet tomorrow!!  Hope to see ya again!!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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