Who doesn’t love being the center of attention?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Wow!!! After last week, I am pretty pumped about my spring cleaning run, especially after last week!! Was able to put a nice dent in my bottle cap stash PLUSS I got to use up an old test piece that I had forgotten about!!  If you missed it, click Popped a few too many tops to check it!!

Since I still had one more test piece of a cabinet door…..what am I to do with this one?  It is sooo much smaller!! (insert glowing light bulb here) I still have bits of tile from when we did a small kitchen makeover.  Why not do a similar idea to my patio tray?


For a while I have been wanting to make a better center piece for our dinner table.  Every night for dinner I have to remove the basket of napkins, candle, and whatever else may be laying on the dinner table to make room for the meal.  A tray would be soo handy (wink wink)…


Yes a tray….what would be better!?  What better way to tie a bit of my kitchen to our dinner table than bringing over a small piece to the table? Making it the center of our attention?!  The test door is the perfect size at only 16″ x 14″.  I did do the same as before with door, a little light sanding and just spray painted it for a good neutral color that would match my current décor.

The center panel of the door was the perfect fit for a 12″ x 12″ tile mosaic to fit easily.  I just needed to cut some smaller pieces to fill the gaps on the ends!! Tada!!  Now to attach….

Instead of doing the traditional method to attach tile, mortar, I decided just to use some of Jeff’s glue with does very well with painted surfaces.  I did add a liberal amount and even spread it pretty good to make my tile and pieces attaches easily.  It is pretty awesome since it holds really well, dries clear, and cures VERY quick! Y’all know me, I ain’t got time to be waitin’!! So after about 30 minutes I can get going with the next step!


Lookie there!! Dried up pretty darn clear… like nothing was ever there!!  Woohoo time to grout!!  I bought a small 1 lb container of non-sanded grout (since I have glass pieces in this tile).  It was pretty cheap, about $5.00 a container from Home Depot.  I only mixed the small portion I was going to need so I didn’t waste so much.

I just followed the directions per the container and began to grout.  Also, applying per instruction.  Spreading all over, making sure I have all gaps filled.  Just needed to wait 20 minutes to cure (per instruction) before I could clean off the haze and edges.  Once that is done, I just needed to let it sit overnight before I could actually use it.

Fast forward to the next morning…woooosh… hehe.  Time to attach my handles.  I just went to Home Depot and bought some cheap cabinet handles that had a similar look to my kitchen cabinets, only spent about $2.00 per handle.


Viola….I love it!! It matches perfectly with so much in my dining room area!!!


Will definitely help make clearing the table soo much easier and quicker now!!  Talk about a nice little center piece!! So exciting…..don’t think I have ever loved spring cleaning this much!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica




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