Yep, they are a-bloomin’

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well this may be one of my last touches for my garden (for now anyway).  So what better way to do it than let my girls get involved making their little pieces of colorful art for all of us to enjoy!!  This weekend just happen to be such a nice one, Jeff was off from work (yay, long weekend), weather was great and the girls were home to spend time with us!!

*****insert car brakes screeching here*****

To be honest, it was great, but the girls were crazy hyper  and they needed something to occupy them (and get out of my hair)!!!  AAGGGHHH!!! Just kidding, sooo why not put ’em to work…well kinda work.  Like any mother, I enjoy getting little pieces of art work from them, so why not make something that I can look at everyday!!  The wonderous bulb lit up over my head….bottle cap flowers!!  They get to paint (not just any paint, momma’s paint hehe), play with some of daddy’s sandpaper, and plant “flowers”.

So off I ran to gather supplies…some old acrylic paint that I was wanting to use up, my bucket-o-bottle caps, some bamboo skewers, couple cheap foam brushes (not shown) and a sheet of sandpaper (not shown).


First we needed to scuff up some bottle caps so the paint will adhere to them better.  The girls used just a sheet of sandpaper that is attached to a scrap piece of board.  Jeff made this some time ago for another project he did, but it worked well for their little fingers.  You can buy any 8×10 sheets of sandpaper from any home improvement store pretty cheap. You don’t necessarily need to attach it to a piece of wood, anything with some kind of weight will work.  But if you are having little hands do this craft….I highly suggest this way.

Well after about 5 hours, just kidding (kinda), they finally got about 25 or so caps sanded.  Don’t worry about the time….they had multiple “I’m bored for now” moments, “I gotta pee”, “can I have a snack?” breaks….I’m sure any average person can get this done in about 20 minutes or so.  Again, if you are doing this with young kids, be prepared if they are anything like mine.

Now onto painting… but before I forget, when you are scuffing up the bottle caps, you may want to wear some gloves when handling them.  I learned the hard way, tiny invisible metal splinters got in my fingers…..very painful.  Luckily the girls only ever handled the bottom of the caps, but now I know next time, geesh!  Anyway, back to painting….


To make things easier (and have less fighting), I divided the correct number of caps to individual plates for each one of the girls.  This way I can just squirt some paint on to the plate and get to work on the caps.  Makes for some easy clean up, at least for now anyway.

Surprisingly,  this part only took them about 5 minutes.  But now it is nap time….off to bed they go, so momma is going to continue with the rest.  Using one of the plates the girls had, I squirted some lime green paint to use on these bamboo skewers that will now become my stems. Once painted I let those dry for just a couple minutes.  One reason I love acrylic paint, dries pretty quick.  When those dry, I will begin laying my flowers out for assembly.

The best way for me to do this was to just glue each cap one at a time, letting the glue cool just bit between glue up.  This made for less movement while I was working.  I also started with the high setting on my glue gun, but switched to low, after I had to repeat a few seams because the glue was so warm, it just oozed straight down the edges. Once I switched settings, that was no longer an issue.  When the flower is formed, I just glued the “stem” to the back.  I wanted the skewer to be on the entire backside since these caps did have a little weight compared to the skewer.


Aww….they are going to be so cute….now time to “plant”!  They will be perfect in front of my wheelbarrow that Jeff made me a few years ago.  Oh I love how they just pop!!  They did soooo good, I love them, no biased here!!  Will definitely make my other flowers look so much better now!!


We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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