Always feels good to BEE invited

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like I mentioned last week, I have decided to brighten up my vegetable garden area after years of looking at dead and drab in the “off-season”.  And I have to say (no bias here at all hehe) I am loving my dragonfly, even though I did make a few adjustments on how I had it hanging on the fence, still love it.  Go check out my post on how to make this simple little cutie (Spring is coming to life)!

As much as I love it, I still needed more color.  So why not send out a mass invite to some other great bugs, BEES!!!  Especially since they are so beneficial to my garden (at least when I actually get my veggies planted).   Plus Jeff has already set up a bee hotel (yep, really a hotel) for them on the side of the shed, so plenty of room we do have!!

I actually had this going little a different in my head, but like most things for me, they evolve.  Sometimes for the worst, but every now and again, I hit a homerun.  Again, I raided Jeff’s wood pile  and found a small portion of what was once a pallet or crate of some sort.  Figured that would be perfect since I can move it around as I see fit.  I rearrange things A LOT…so this will work out great, also since I am not completely sure where some veggies are going to be planted this year and I don’t want to hide anything either.


I did not clean or sand it off at all.  Something about all the imperfections, or as I like to call them character highlights, give me joy and satisfaction.  Besides, it will stay outside in the elements, why doll it up so much to later lose all its crispness.


In all honesty there isn’t much to this at all….even simpler than simple.   Just a lot of rough drawing and painting using acrylic paint with some roughed up brushes I had. Ok…it is only a flower, told ya simple, ok, ok basic would be more appropriate word.  Once I drew the flower, I wasn’t satisfied.  Before I began this project, I was only going to paint on the flower, leaving the original wood background, and write something cute on here in some of my bright colors.  As you see that changed….the wood looked just as drab as the rest of garden beds and fence.  So I decided that immediately had to change.  So I just searched through my paints and picked my brightest colors to just throw on here for a bright background instead of just the words.

But something about it still didn’t satisfy….my flower looked to much like those 70’s inspired flowers.  Easy fix, I just threw on some small accent marks on the petals to livin’ it up a bit.  I also attempted (key word here) to just highlight the word “bees” but that had some hiccups so I just went ahead with just an outline instead.


Even though it didn’t go as I had originally planned, I am happy with how it turned out. Some time this weekend, when mother nature decides to change her mood and warm things up again, I am going to put a couple coats of lacquer on just to help it last a bit.  This is really starting to satisfy my yearn for color in my garden.  Plus, I am getting very anxious to see how all this will look once I have my veggies and flowers going!!! Spring… I come!!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica





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