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Yep, they are a-bloomin’

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well this may be one of my last touches for my garden (for now anyway).  So what better way to do it than let my girls get involved making their little pieces of colorful art for all of us to enjoy!!  This weekend just happen to be such a nice one, Jeff was off from work (yay, long weekend), weather was great and the girls were home to spend time with us!!

*****insert car brakes screeching here*****

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Join me…well my girls actually…tomorrow to see how they got their flowers a-bloomin’ so soon!!!

While ya wait, hang around to check out some more of our outdoor projects….

Always feels good to bee invited
Spring is coming to life
Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade
Wine Bottle Rain Chain

Always feels good to BEE invited

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like I mentioned last week, I have decided to brighten up my vegetable garden area after years of looking at dead and drab in the “off-season”.  And I have to say (no bias here at all hehe) I am loving my dragonfly, even though I did make a few adjustments on how I had it hanging on the fence, still love it.  Go check out my post on how to make this simple little cutie (Spring is coming to life)!

As much as I love it, I still needed more color.  So why not send out a mass invite to some other great bugs, BEES!!!  Especially since they are so beneficial to my garden (at least when I actually get my veggies planted).   Plus Jeff has already set up a bee hotel (yep, really a hotel) for them on the side of the shed, so plenty of room we do have!!

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Spring is coming to life

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Mother Nature has decided to go ahead and just lay spring on us with all her glory. Even the not so glorious stuff….mosquitos, wasps, pollen, oh the pollen!!  As much as I get frustrated with the usual nuisances I still have far more that I do love and enjoy about spring!!  my vegetable garden with my girls, sitting outside on the patio grillin’ it up with the hubs (with a tasty adult beverage of course) and just watching nature wake up from this supposed winter slumber (if you even want to call it that).

My Sweet Swamp Sunflower


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