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Necessity is the mother (father this time) of invention: MEN’S EDITION

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like I said, necessity is the mother of invention, well at least in this case it is the father of invention.  This time Jeff was on a mission!!! As some of ya might already know, Jeff is a law enforcement officer…ya know the five-0, the po-po, the fuzz (he is gonna kill me for this haha), so he does not have the luxury of having an office (at least inside a structure).  Jeff’s office is mobile, yep, his patrol car.  Having to operate out of his trunk and passenger seat.

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Necessity is the mother of invention: MEN’S EDITION

Jeff has a need (no not for speed you movie nuts) …. stick around to see what he is up to!!!!

– Jessica 

DIY Bottle Cap and Wine Cork Holder

Written by: Renee Reiter

Hey y’all! Did ya miss me?? Feels like it has been forever since I posted! I have been working hard on some 2017 goals that I had set for my vinyl business this year. But Jessica has been busy posting some amazing things; if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, be sure you do!

Okay, need to take you back to 2016 for a minute for this one. Yes, I know I have really been slack on posting my projects! Last year the hubby and I were overjoyed to hear that his brother’s girlfriend said “Yes” to the big question and that wedding plans were under way. I was honored when Brittany (his wife) asked me to make a few things in vinyl for the big day! One of the items I was lucky enough to help with were some boxes to hold the wine corks and bottle caps from the wedding reception.  Continue reading DIY Bottle Cap and Wine Cork Holder

Essential oils can make anything happy 

Written by Jessica Chaffins

See…looks like these fellas are loving my Brown Sugar Body Scrub. A litte creepy, but still loving it!!

Hop on over and check out some of our recipes using essential oils.  Come on, admit it, what else do ya really have to do on a Friday night (especially if you’re like me, don’t judge, I’m a mom hehe).

DIY Dryer Balls

DIY Sleepy Time Spray

DIY Aroma Therapy Neck Wrap

DIY Carpet Freshner

DIY Scar Eraser

Y’all have a good weekend!! Party hard and stay safe!!

A little lift is not a bad idea

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like I say…a little lift never hurt anyone.  If anything it can make ya feel better, relieve any stress you may have had prior to the lift.  Lifts are a good idea…even in the bathroom.  Especially a girls bathroom….that is super small!! Did I mention this is a girls bathroom?  Geez girls can be sooo messy!! Continue reading A little lift is not a bad idea