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One kid’s trash is a mom’s treasure….

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Since the south here has forgotten what winter is supposed to feel like, my girls have actally been outside a good bit lately….thank ya lowd!! With that comes the endless amounts of junk all over the yard….especially if it has busted.  It immediately finds a spot on the ground…to die. Then it becomes trash for mom or dad (hell even the dog) to do away with.  But not this time…. Continue reading One kid’s trash is a mom’s treasure….


What good is a busted hula hoop???

Stick around … I can show ya tonight!!

Like I said before…better posture is well, better

Written by Jessica Chaffins

READER BE WARNED….You are about to enter into the hidden caverns of our dinky little kitchen.  MY CABINETS ARE AWFUL LOOKING and very crowded.  So as I have mentioned before, I have to make the most of all the space I can.   And I am here to show you, again (I know….I’m a mom, I am entitled to nag a bit),  good posture matters.  Hopefully between my rig up here and my utensil canister from my previous post, Better Posture, this could help y’all out too.

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Everything needs a good scrub

Written by Jessica Chaffins

While I am attempting to get dinner going, I decided to share about me scrubbing up some potatoes to get ’em ready for the oven.  I know, I know, what an exciting life I lead. But hey I am all about sharing whatever can help make your tasks easier, hehe.

Last year for Christmas, my mom gave my sisters and me a pair of those exfoliating gloves as gifts.  Yay, I love being able to make myself feeling clean and fresh. But HOLY CRAP!! These suckers hurt!!  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking my mom, cause I am all about bargins too but these suckers do NOT feel that great on your skin.  Talk about some intense skin removal…think lemon zester.  BUT all is not lost….these will work wonders as a veggie scrub brush!!


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