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EO Recipes Part Two (and this one I LOVE)

Ohhh I’m back…as promised (late in the evening but I am here housework has called today) with another EO recipe and I have to say that this one is my fav so far!!  Like before this is another super simple recipe!!! Lemon and Lavender Brown Sugar Body Scrub!!! Mmhhhmm so good I could almost eat it (kinda)!!!  ***Same as before with the carpet deodorizer, these recipes need to be mixed in a glass or metal bowl and stored in a glass jar. No plastics!!*** Anyway, back to the body scrub….I have to say that I was a little worried about using this with sugar and all, ugh sticky much?!  Especially since you are supposed to use it AFTER you wash….uhh hmm?!

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Trying out some EO recipes

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok, ok…..I have finally broken down and decided to try out some essential oils for the first time.   A friend of mine, who is an avid user of EO’s, has used many of them in place of regular everyday products that contain so many chemicals.  I completely believe in all their “powers”, really who had Tide Laundry detergent or triple antibiotic hundreds of years ago.  Many things were handled long before all the mess we have now.  Anyway….that’s for another day and time.

Well now that I am accumulating all these oils, me and Renee decided to try out some recipes with these oils.  So for this week, we will share with you what we are making.  I will admit, I can not give much of an opinion on them as of yet, seeing how I just made them a couple weeks ago.  So I ask all you expert oilers, please be kind, haha…I am trying to learn.  Continue reading Trying out some EO recipes

Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

Written by: Renee Reiter

In my quest for ways to make my house smell less like 5 animals and a soccer player (thats the hubby); I went in search of a natural air freshener. I am getting sick of Febreze and feeling ready for a change. I stumbled upon this recipe over and over and I see why…it just so happened to be the BEST air freshener I have ever tired! And incidentally it has become my favorite solution to combat the dry winter air coupled with the gas heat running in my home.

I am not sure who to give the credit to for this wonderfully simple concoction since I have seen the recipe so many places; but I thank them a million times over 🙂 Continue reading Lemons, Vanilla, and Rosemary…Oh my!

I Am Not Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes…Just Your Dryer Balls


Written by Renee Reiter

A few years ago I was given a set of plastic dryer balls with little spikes all over them to put in the dryer. Admittedly, I knew nothing about them and just started throwing them in the dryer along with the normal process which included a fabric freshener sheet; which I now know is not needed. I eventually lost one of the balls and worrying about it was pretty low on my priority list.

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