Written by Jessica Chaffins

Okay seriously…you are really waiting til the last minute to get this stuff done!!  So I will keep this short and try to help ya a little bit if I may.  This craft takes barely any skill at all, you just need to know how measure, use a pair of scissors and tie a knot!!

But I can not take credit for this idea at all…two years ago my mom gave me a scarf for Christmas, she must think we are going to have blizzards or some mess one day here in South Carolina (not likely) since she has given so many already!!  Anyway, just teasin’ Momma, I still love you for it!! Like I was sayin’ she gave me a scarf that was made by a teacher at the elementary school she works for.  I have to admit…..I LOVE THIS SCARF!!! Oh the simplicity of it and how pretty it is, immediately feel in love!!!  I was so boggled at how I never seen this or even thought of it before!!!

It is only about 25-30 strands of assorted yarn.  Many different colors and textures of yarn mixed together to make an awesome scarf!!

Like I said it only takes about 25-30 strands of assorted yarn, all the strands cut to about  72″ long each.  Then at the half way point tie a knot to hold all the strands together, pulled fairly tight so it does not come loose.  But even it does, hell it is an easy fix, just tie ’em again :)!! And BAM!!!! You are done!!



Now if ya like this….make sure you get moving, not sure how much longer some stores will be open if ya don’t have yarn around at home!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica




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