Let’s dress it up for the holidays

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Who loves this time of year?  Come on….nevermind the endless crowds, traffic and constant commercialized part of the holidays….think of all the wonderful things that happen this time of year.  All the wonderful colors that people love to spray all over there homes and lawns like sparkly skittles.  Everyone running around singing Christmas Carols (especially my extremely off key kids).  All the laughs with friends and family, even if it takes a glass of wine or two (or even spiked eggnog….won’t point any fingers there MOM!!).  The different wonderful aromas, the nutmeg, hot cocoa, freshly baked cookies and can not forget the fresh cut christmas trees.  If anyone else is like me, this is just a small part of what I love about it…even more so than that…I go on some crazy binges to just create.  Whether it is gifts or baked goodies, I just have this insane drive to do and make for people.  Can’t seem to get enough of it.  


Today I decided to use up some of the old glass jars from old candles I have burned up over the years.  Like I have said before….I have a hoarding problem…”hey don’t throw that out, I can use that…someday”!  So today I am going to try and dress ’em up a bit for the holidays!!  But first I need to clean ’em up a bit.  First I just had to place them in the freezer for few hours (normally I leave them overnight just for good measure) to freeze up the wax for make it easier to break out.

Most of the time I get lucky, once I take them out and give them a good bang of the countertop, it will just break loose as whole piece or like above will just naturally crack and fall out in pieces.  If any pieces are stuck to the edge of the glass, just use a spoon to just pop them off.  Now onto the hot bath…I drop them in the kitchen sink with hot water and mild soap. ***Gotta make the glass has returned to room temperature, frozen glass in a hot bath is not a good mix, nor is it safe.  Can make for some nasty cuts!!***  Just left them in to soak for a while, then just wipe them down.  Viola….fresh glass vase!!  This hot bath can also help with trouble labels on the candles, but luckily most of mine come off pretty easy.

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While my green jar continues to soak and others are still hanging out in the freezer….I am gonna go ahead a decorate two of my clean ones so far.


I am going to use some scrap tissue paper to mod podge to the “vases”.  Now to keep my fingers crossed to see if all this works out.  Just need to get together my tissue paper pieces, a ruler, my diy mod podge, sponge brush, and a pair of scissors.

This is the easy part…I only have to cut a strip of tissue paper big enough to cover the glass how I would like.  Next, I just apply a fairly thin layer of diy mod podge to the glass.  Now this is where I have to be easy, since the tissue paper is so thin it will tear and wrinkle very easy once it is wet from the glue.  So I just apply if very slowly, only a small section at a time.  If it wrinkles a bit, do not try to smooth it with your finger, it will likely tear.  Gently lift it up and try to smooth it out that way…if it is a really faint wrinkle, chances are my the time it dries it will not be visible.  Once you have it applied to the glass, I let mine sit for second to slightly dry and  then applied the top coat of diy mod podge.  Now to let it dry completely (good thing this only takes a few minutes).


Ah….so cute….now onto my next one that is bit larger than this one.  Just repeated all I did before, only on larger scale.  The only difference I did with this one at the end was painted the bottom with a green acrylic paint to add a bolder bit of color.

Well I am fairly pleased with how they turned out.  Now I wonder how I am going to decorate the other jars I still have in the freezer….hmm, still have some gifts to finish up, who could use a glass jar hehe!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica



2 thoughts on “Let’s dress it up for the holidays

  1. Great minds think alike! I had same idea for kids to make presents for the adults they want to give gifts to. However I’m not in to saving glass candle jars. I was actually planning a trip to the dollar tree for small glass votive holders or just a few simple vases. You can tear or cut pieces and make a stained glass or a mosaic look as well with different solid color pieces tissue paper. You should try with those jars still in your freezer 😀


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