It’s all about how ya felt

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So like many people lately, I have been out quite a good bit doing some Christmas shopping.  Also like most people, I’m always looking for some good ole bargins. But I also hunt down inspiration for little do-dads that may come in handy for me later (well for now, who am I kidding).  Good thing for us, is our family likes to keep things pretty simple and low key even for our girls.  I love getting small little trinkets and what-nots.  Which most of the gifts are usually two small or simple to put into a gift bag or even wrap in a box.  Sometimes I will use gift card tins that I can find sometimes but those seem to be harder to find than I like.  Anyway, while I was in Target I found a small envelope made of felt in the dollar bins (my favorite section)….my first thought….pssshh, I can make these!!  So here I am, making my envelopes!!!


Luckily I have a ton of felt (yea real surprise there), but did stop by the store to pick up a couple pieces of sparkly felt.  I have a ton of buttons and string, and I just need to get out the glue gun and scissors.  Here I go, we are in business….

With the sparkly felt, I folded it in half with sparkly side on the inside of the fold.  I only did this so any pen marks with be on the inside of the envelope not the outside.  With any other regular felt, it won’t matter.

Next, on the open side of the felt, not the fold, mark center.  I have 9″ x 13″ felt, so center for me would be 4.5″.  Once I marked my center, I drew lines from the center point to each bottom corner forming a triangle.

Ok here is were some of you should have paid attention in geometry.  We need mark for to more triangle to help make a clean fold point.  So….from the top center point,mark on the line 3 1/4″ down. Now from bottom corner of the same side, mark 3 1/4″ up.  You will be left with a small space about 3/4″ long, you will need to form your triangle here. Now repeat and do the same on the other side.


Once you have both sides marked, go ahead and cut off your corner sections. Open it up and you are left with a pretty little diamond… not the kind most ladies want but in this case this is what I need.

Now you just have to fold the two shortest sides in, then your two longest sides.  If you want a more crisp edge, you can iron it just a bit to set the crease but I am not that picky.

All that is left is to create your closure.  I have a pair of buttons and a fairly thick piece string/twine to use as mine.  I cut my string about 12″ or so, just enough to make sure I can get a tight close.  On the bottom of one button, I attached the string to it with some hot glue and then stuck it to the felt about 1/2″-3/4″ from the point of the fold.  Finally I just attach the second button to other fold section, same distance from point 1/2″-3/4″.  Once hot glue is cooled, test out some wrapping to make sure you don’t need to add some more glue so nothing pops off.

If all is good….get to stuffin’!!! I think these will do good for me with small ornaments, gift cards, cash, maybe even put some wrapped baked cookies or candies for teachers!!


We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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