Uh oh….I forgot one!!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

If you are anything, like me you always have that one person on your Christmas list that you completely forgot about?  Or ya have that one event that you were invited to and found out ya need to bring a gift?!  Aagghh!!! Dang it!!!  Like many people, we get so busy with our lives we tend to forget things or put it on the “back burner” but forget (like having to write posts on time) things slip by and get burnt…oh well, life happens.  So here is one small quick idea…wood…Cedar to be exact.  Jeff recently was looking around for some ideas to use up some of his small scrap wood pieces, especially tons of pieces of Cedar laying around in the garage.  When he came across one video on YouTube to make some simple soap dishes.  These are perfect for all the leftovers he has laying around.  Does not need to be any specific size, but all of the ones he made were roughly about 3″ x 4″, just happen to be the sizes he had laying around.  Click here if ya would like to check the video out.

What made it even better, we were heading to Tennessee for a get-a-way (DESPERATELY NEEDED ONE) which is a prime area for us to look through all the options of homemade soap and other goodies.   Which we happen to find an awesome family shop of all kinds of homemade goodies….Smoky Mountain Dreams had some of the best organic soaps.  So we went ahead and grabbed a few of these goodies for his homemade soap dishes.  These are the kind of gifts that would be perfect for a last minute deal…or even just for someone who loves crafted goodies.


Do you have any handy last minute gift ideas?  What else would you do with this handy little tray?  Coffee cup coaster?  Make a larger version as a trivet (thank you to Renee for this handy little idea)?  Let me know whatcha think!!

We hope that you found helpful or inspiring tips that you can incorporate into your own life and crafting adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments stay polite and/or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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