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Um well that was a shrinky don’t

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Soooo I have another fail ***Insert eye roll***!!  Some of you have probably heard of Shrinky Dinks…but other people like me, who have apparently been living under a rock, have not.  So, needless to say, once I started seeing all these videos on Facebook about DIY Plastic Charms, I was all about it!! Continue reading Um well that was a shrinky don’t


Uh oh….I forgot one!!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

If you are anything, like me you always have that one person on your Christmas list that you completely forgot about?  Or ya have that one event that you were invited to and found out ya need to bring a gift?!  Aagghh!!! Dang it!!!  Like many people, we get so busy with our lives we tend to forget things or put it on the “back burner” but forget (like having to write posts on time) things slip by and get burnt…oh well, life happens.  So here is one small quick idea…wood…Cedar to be exact.  Continue reading Uh oh….I forgot one!!

O Holey …. Socks?!?!

Oooooooooo it is that time of year ….HERE COME THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS (some later than others)!!!  What better way is there to decorate than using socks?! Yep, ya read it right….socks, good ole holey socks….HOLEY CHRISTMAS SOCKS ARE EVEN BETTER!!  Hehe,  ok before ya just skip out on me, let me esssplain.  I love colorful socks, especially festive socks like Halloween and Christmas!  But after a while, like any adored pair of socks, you always get those stinking holes in the toes!  Ugh.  Sooo not having the heart to throw those out either (yes, yes, I know, I have an issue with this) I searched around for the best way to repurpose or upcycle these socks.  They still have some life left in them so I wanted something good.


Continue reading O Holey …. Socks?!?!

DIY Christmas Tag’s | FREE Printable | 8 Designs

Written by: Renee Reiter

Now that Thanksgiving has passed I feel as though I can officially get excited for Christmas without getting any mean glares haha! My first mission this year was to dress up my holiday packaging while not spending tons of money on great but expensive wrapping paper. I plan to use mostly brown craft paper for wrapping this year and thought some cute tags would be just the thing to brighten them. Well, six feet down a rabbit hole later…I had made 3 sets instead of 1 because I was having so much fun! I put my favorites into a mixed collection and thought I would share them here for anyone who may need some last minute gift tags. Enjoy! Continue reading DIY Christmas Tag’s | FREE Printable | 8 Designs

Everybody needs a little color in their life

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok….who doesn’t enjoy coloring?!  I mean really, I don’t care how old you get, coloring just puts you in happy place…at peace…getting to watch a beautiful array of colors just take shape.  Oh and the smell of a box of good ole’ Crayola crayons…..ahhh…..just makes me smile.   Makes me think of all the times I just laid on the living room floor with my pencil box full of crayons creating my own little pieces of art!! Even some memories as a kid too hehe!!  Just kidding, kinda. Continue reading Everybody needs a little color in their life

What’s in your cereal….box?!?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ok, I am back….finally….hopefully….ugh!!  Between wrapping up soccer season, Halloween and Trick or Treating, dealing with midnights shifts for my hubby and last but not least….Strep throat!!!  But I am not going to dwell on the day to day mess of our crazy home….at least not right now haha!  For now, I have the urge to get some clutter and mess under control, especially in my daughters playroom.  Every year about this time, I have my girls go through their toys and stuff to let me know what they don’t want anymore (which surprisingly goes better than I anticipate).   But they have one “section” of their playroom that they rarely get rid of items and since they do actually play with this stuff so often I don’t mind them keeping most of it (actually all of it, but don’t tell my husband that hehe).

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