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Toilet Monsters – Scary Not Scary Halloween Decor

Written by: Renee Reiter

Okay, I have to admit that these are some of my favorites! I have wanted to do toilet monsters since I started my vinyl business 4 years ago and now I finally have them up in my own home! I am sometimes embarrassed by how little vinyl I have up in my own home…I guess it’s like a mechanic not wanting to work on his own car after work, but I am trying to get better 🙂 I should mention that my husband would probably say there is plenty of vinyl up in our home already haha! Continue reading Toilet Monsters – Scary Not Scary Halloween Decor


Ghostly Good Vanishing Marshmallows

Written by: Renee Reiter

Mmmmm! What could possibly make hot chocolate better than it already is? Marshmallows! And since it’s October I thought it would be fun to make some ghost shaped ones. As usual I had to do this project twice to actually get it right…I was really upset since that required me to drink some extra hot chocolate (insert devious look here).

Continue reading Ghostly Good Vanishing Marshmallows

Thanks for nothing Matthew

Aaaagggghhhh!!!! Thanks again Hurricane Matthew…you have just fried my computer!!! Hoping all of y’all will be patient with me while I get this worked out!!

Much love – Jessica 

Using my time wisely…I hope anyway

Lowdy…today has been such a mess.  After volunteering at my girl’s school today, the grocery store run, a meat market run, picking up youngest from her Mamaw’s house, feeding dogs, and now hunkering down the house/yard for “potential” windy conditions  (thank you Hurricane Matthew)…..I am gonna TRY to get some mo’ projects done to share with some of my fav peoples!!! 

Much love – Jessica


Now Open…. for feeding

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So after running into some minor “construction” delays…it’s finally open for business…only if your business is climbing a pole (let’s keep it clean people) and eating!!  My intention was to mount the feeder in the same location that I had my previous feeder mounted. But just as most construction, issues surfaced and forced my hand a bit to alter my plan. Continue reading Now Open…. for feeding

How Mice of You to Notice the Halloween Decor

Written by: Renee Reiter

Whoo Hoo! It’s officially October “witch” means we can scream for Halloween! If you follow along regularly then you know Jessica and I both LOVE Halloween and we are always on the hunt for new ideas. One of the new things I decided to try this year were some vinyl mice for the stairway. Continue reading How Mice of You to Notice the Halloween Decor

Reset Button

Written by: Renee Reiter

I may not have “real” children but the stomach bug is all too real in this house…for the dogs that is. This week it’s my “fur baby” Maggie. She has had an upset stomach for two days and I am kicking myself for not using what I call the reset button sooner. It works every time! DISCLAIMER: I am not a Vet of any kind. This is just what works in my house 🙂 Continue reading Reset Button

User Manual Manual

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like many other people, prior to having my kids, I was always told my life was going to change drastically….”it will be sooo different”….well duh I knew that.  BUT I will admit, I never expected to impact us when it came to user manuals (for sooo much DANG stuff)!!!  Before kids, we were able to keep all the user manuals for important things in a “junk” drawer in our kitchen……needless to say that has since changed post-kids…… Continue reading User Manual Manual

Can’t exactly use them as firestarters yet….

…..but stick around for a bit and I can tell ya what you can do with them!! See y’all later!!

– Jessica 


It is all because of y’all that our first month of taking this crazy leap has been far more successful than we EVER anticipated!!!  I appreciate you listening (actually reading) to our rambles!! Good to know we haven’t ran ya off yet hehe!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!