Trick or Treat, smell my feet

Well the time has finally come and gone….the night of the candy harvest and for momma and daddy to collect their escort fee, hehe.  What makes it even better,  getting the girls all dressed to go was a piece of cake (mmmm cheesecake….ok I gotta focus).  Simple (and cheap lol), best way to go.  They do say that less IS more.  

Abigail, my oldest, decided she wanted to be a vampire this year. Have to say my husband was happy since that was his fav costume as a kid.  As I said, simple, found her a crushed velvet dress at goodwill that was perfect for any vampiress for $3.00.  Then I just fixed up her hair and makeup.  Instead of having her wear those plastic fangs, that can be somewhat uncomfortable, I let her wear bright red lipstick (ya know she was excited about that).  Once the lipstick was dry/set, I used white eyeliner pencil to draw her fangs on her lips, outlining them with a brown lip liner (darkest one I had on hand) just to make them pop a bit more.  Bam…instant fangs.

Charlotte was SOOO much fun for me…mostly because it turned out so much better than I anticipated.  My cute lil’ mummy.  As you may have seen in my previous post, I want my mummy, all it took for this handy one was a sheet from Goodwill!!  I did dress her in all white underneath just in case “bandages” shifted around.  All I did was just pin ends of the strips to her clothes and wrap around.  I did tie some pieces together just to give extra effect.  Awww such as cute mummy, hehe.

Then my final little monster, Miranda, Frankenstein Monster’s Bride.  This is probably about as close as my husband wants to get for her to be a bride, hehe.  She was just as simple…pieces of a white sheet (same as the mummy), makeup, but I did splurge on colored hair spray ($4.00 a can).  She did take a bit more time for me only because she has stick straight hair and I needed the frizz to make it complete.  So after her bath this morning, I went ahead and rolled her hair to add some body and curl (which I will not do again, ugh, such a drama queen).   For the actual costume piece, I made a simple smock type top from the sheet, only stitching under the arms to keep in place, then I wrapped her arms as the original was in the movie. Good thing that is all I had to wrap was her arms….lowdy….ya think I was putting a cast on her!!

Well like I their costumes were pretty simple…not much to them at all.  I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.  Now that we are now past October 31st….LET THE CHRISTMAS SEASON BEGIN!!! Haha!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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