Easy Peasy No Carve Pumpkin Decor

Written by: Renee Reiter

Gone are the days of taking the time to clean and carve a pumpkin…for me anyway 🙂 It was all good fun when I was kid and mom was around to clean up the mess and take over when my hands got tired. Grown me would rather just reminisce about pumpkin carving as I tackle easier and less messy pumpkin adventures.

This year vinyl was the answer to my pumpkin prayers. Not only was it easy but I loved the thought that I could do more intricate patterns with the decals than I could carve by hand. Did I mention how easy it is compared to carving?! Sorry, I just can’t stress it enough!

Some of the other benefits I found to using decals rather than carving was that the pumpkins last sooo much longer when they are un-carved and since the vinyl is removable you can easily change whats on the pumpkin at any time.

I made these cuties at the beginning of October and am now ready to switch them over to be November decor. So “Off with their faces!!” in your best Queen of Hearts voice from Alice in Wonderland 🙂

If you have ever worked with vinyl before you know it can be tricky to use it on a curved bumpy surface…but it’s possible! I like to wipe my pumpkin down to help remove any excess dirt and then lay the decal on the pumpkin loosely first. I find it’s usually easiest to start in the middle and only work on rubbing one letter at a time.


Once I got my white pumpkins updated it was time to work on a request from the hubby. He mentioned that he could use a few pumpkins for his office at work; and thought it would be nice to use some of my vinyl faces on them. I thought that was really sweet of him to think of my business *blushing*.

I used these cute “pie pumpkins” from the grocery store because of course he didn’t tell me he wanted a set when I was at the Farmers Market getting pumpkins the first time LOL. Just like with the lettering I find it best to work on one part at a time. Don’t worry about wrinkles in the transfer tape. I even cut the pieces of the face apart sometimes if that’s easier.

I knew he would probably prefer a more “halloween” look but since they are for his workplace I also put some “happier” looking faces on the other side of the pumpkins so that he can choose what’s more appropriate for his work environment.


Another bonus is that since these are no carve faces he won’t have to worry about rotting pumpkin smell in his office in a week 🙂


The possibilities are truly endless! Here are some that I did for our front display this year with a monogram and welcome. I have also seen some really cute ones that say things like, “Pumpkin Spice Everything.”


Did I mention reason number a thousand that these are amazing?!? They last in the weather for up to 3 months! The ones you see above have been through countless rainstorms and even rain from Hurricane Matthew that recently came through!

If you love no carve pumpkin decor you may want to check out our No Carve Ribbon Pumpkin post.


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