Such Exquisite Pieces

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like any mom knows….when ya have kids, especially young ones, you accumulate endless amounts of artwork.  I love seeing all the things they create and getting an “inside” view into their imagination, learning of how they see things.  So naturally, like any mother (anybody for the matter), I want to display it.  One big problem though….my fridge is only so big, so ya can’t possibly display all of it on there.    Good thing is I didn’t have to look very far.  I had a nice open space right behind our dining room table!!

Considering the location of this wall, I wanted something that was only going to be somewhat temporary, but still last.  Cause I sure didn’t want to do anything too major to where I would have to re-paint or “fix” the wall (I know it would be somewhat easy to do, but I am that lazy)  After searching around for ideas on the best way to display all these wonderful pieces, I decided to call in for some help!!  I had my cuz Renee, owner of Dandelion Decals (yep another plug, no shame) create me a custom vinyl!!!   I wanted something simple but yet meaningful (yea just like everyone else does) and something that will match the color scheme I have in this space.  Once she made it for me I just followed her instructions for the best way to apply the vinyl for the best results.  After about 10 minutes or so …..Voila!!!  Instant cuteness!!!  Now to attach how the art will be displayed.  Gonna keep that simple too. DandelionDecals.JPG

Just going to attach a stretch of wire or string to hang all the artwork from.  But I don’t want to use just plain nails or screws, need something with more pazazz.  Like I told ya before…I have strange obsession with knobs and handles.  My own tiny expressions of art. So instead of hanging wire/string with just nails/screws I am going to use pull knobs again (my post for my bookbag issues will show ya how I insert them in the wall).  Once I had the knobs mounted in the locations I wanted, all I had left to do was attach my wire to the bolt portion of the knob.  I just used leftover picture frame wire, but any string or yarn will work too.

Yay!!! Now all I have to do hang all my precious pieces for all to see!!  This stretch will actually hold a good bit of things they do….then I just rotate things out as new things come in!!

Aren’t they just beautiful!!!

We hope that you found helpful or inspiring tips that you can incorporate into your own life and crafting adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments stay polite and/or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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