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Trick or Treat, smell my feet

Well the time has finally come and gone….the night of the candy harvest and for momma and daddy to collect their escort fee, hehe.  What makes it even better,  getting the girls all dressed to go was a piece of cake (mmmm cheesecake….ok I gotta focus).  Simple (and cheap lol), best way to go.  They do say that less IS more.   Continue reading Trick or Treat, smell my feet


It’s time for a Pumpkin Revival!!!Hopefully?!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Who loves pumpkins?!?!  Ok, ok, take it easy….not pumpkin SPICE people….just plain ole pumpkins, making jack-o-lanterns to be specific!!!  As much as I hate the mess and the extremely and creepy feeling of the innereds (blach!!), I love going and taking the girls to a local pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect orange orb!!  It’s a fun time for me and Jeff to spend with the girls.  Then coming home and deciding what face or image we are going to carve on these suckers….so fun!

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Geez, all the dust in here!!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Okay, so here I am again sharing another cleaning hack.  With kids, seems like this is all I do.  Anyway, I promise this will be short and sweet, but it works really well for me in my kitchen and hopefully it will help in yours.  Don’t know if ya remember or not but our kitchen is very small.  I have been able to successfully work around a lot of issues that arise from having little space.  Even issues that have nothing to do with the amount storage space.  With having such a small kitchen and no ventilation out of the house…guess they decided to skip that step in building this house, among other things, ugh but back to the point…steam and grease carry in the air and settle on everything!!  Needless to say, our kitchen needs a lot of love and care to keep it clean.  After a few dozen times of scrubbing all the things that are rarely touched or handled, I was determined to find something to make my life easier! Continue reading Geez, all the dust in here!!

Easy Peasy No Carve Pumpkin Decor

Written by: Renee Reiter

Gone are the days of taking the time to clean and carve a pumpkin…for me anyway 🙂 It was all good fun when I was kid and mom was around to clean up the mess and take over when my hands got tired. Grown me would rather just reminisce about pumpkin carving as I tackle easier and less messy pumpkin adventures. Continue reading Easy Peasy No Carve Pumpkin Decor

Heebi Jeebie Freebie : Free Halloween Printable


Written by: Renee Reiter

Hey y’all! It’s me again, and yes I am still stuck on Halloween 🙂 I love getting to create new designs that will work well as wall decals for my Etsy shop BUT sometimes I get ideas that would make better prints than they would wall decals…case in point above. I thought it could be a cute way to add last minute decor to a Halloween Party or maybe even help decorate your work desk a little. I hope you enjoy!!

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Written by Jessica Chaffins


I am so pumped!!! It is finally time for me to crack down and get to workin’ on my girls Halloween costumes for this year!!  I was thrilled last year when they wanted to be classic super heroes (couldn’t have heroes without a villain hehe).  But this year they are going even more classic, Charlotte wants to be a mummy!!!  Oh ….. I can not even begin to explain my joy in this!!!  I’m all about just letting them dress up for (almost) whatever the want to be, but nothing is better than the timeless classics for me!! Continue reading I WANT MY “MUMMY”!?!!

Such Exquisite Pieces

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Like any mom knows….when ya have kids, especially young ones, you accumulate endless amounts of artwork.  I love seeing all the things they create and getting an “inside” view into their imagination, learning of how they see things.  So naturally, like any mother (anybody for the matter), I want to display it.  One big problem though….my fridge is only so big, so ya can’t possibly display all of it on there.    Good thing is I didn’t have to look very far.  I had a nice open space right behind our dining room table!! Continue reading Such Exquisite Pieces

DIY Mod Podge…or is it Modge Podge?

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Well I have finally decided to do it….after years (yes, literally years) of being skeptical of the reliability of this amazingly cheap and easy “shortcut”, I let me curiosity take control….I made mod podge!  And I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at how great it turned out.  So this recipe definitely has my vote!!! Continue reading DIY Mod Podge…or is it Modge Podge?

Oh!!!  I have missed y’all!!!

I’m back….FINALLY!!!  Yes, I am still alive and slightly off balance. Have been on the edge of my seat for the last week just itching to talk to y’all!!! At least I have a fairly decent amount of some pretty good ideas (or at least I think they are hehe) to share with y’all!!! So I hope y’all have stuck it out with me and will stay tuned with me this week!!!
Much Love – Jessica