Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ohhh the outdoors….how I love you!! So many wonderful things to enjoy being outdoors…the gorgeous flowers, sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the enchanting birds, wonderful scent of a barbeque going, my girls laughing in the distance, lightnin’ bugs (fireflies for all you non-southerners hehe) fluttering in the dusk.  Then we have the squirrels….lowdy all the squirrels.  I have to admit they are pretty entertaining most of the time so they don’t really bother me being all over the yard too much, until they want to attack my bird feeders.  Guess it is their way of letting me know I am being slack in their feedings…hmm, starting to act like my kids a little bit here.  Anyway, I do like being able to tend to them too, even if it is for my own personal entertainment, so my husband was awesome enough to make them some feeders a few years ago.  I am sure most of you know the damage they can cause, so needless to say it is time for an upgrade.

Between the weather, carpenter ants and the squirrels hanging all over these suckers, their feeders are becoming pretty ragged.  After looking around at a ton of different options, I decided I was going to make another drop feeder…..using my BIG WINE BOTTLE!! Yay….another bottle used up.  So I did my usual…I raided all my husbands stuff hahahahaha!!!  He had a few pieces of scrap cedar boards that I wanted to use up, hoping that will help it to last a little bit longer than my previous.  CedarScrapPile.JPG

But first I need to figure out what size pieces I will need, I already know that I want to keep the design simple, especially with these suckers climbing all over it.  No need to get all fancy with it.

After getting my measurements, I decided I want a board about 5 to 6 inches wide (12.7cm-15.24cm) and about 20 inches tall (50.8cm).  I wanted the board oversized a bit for a few reasons.  The bottle is only 15 inches (38.1cm) tall but I want the extra room (approx. 16 inches (40.64cm) piece works for me) to allow for a gap so feed can drop easily from the bottle opening.  Plus I am going to make a feed tray from the leftover 4 inches (10.16cm).  Like I said….I am by no means making this fancy….it’s for a bunch of oversized rats, I mean really.  Almost like putting carpet in a barn…makes no sense.  Moving on…my husband also had some leftover pieces from a picture frame he made a while back, so I decided to use those to make some “arms” to keep the bottle upright and in place.

Well after all that cutting (that he did hehe) it is now time to assemble.  I’m so glad he likes to do this…let him be the laborer.  I am willing to bet that he would rather do it to keep me from messing with his tools.  That’s okay by me…be my luck something would tear up and all h3ll would break loose!! Ugh…anyway back on track Jessica geez….time to assemble.

Make sure your pieces line up okay….don’t want to have a bottle dropping feed off the edge instead of in the tray.  Also, figure out the best location for arms to go, I placed mine about 5 inches (12.7cm) from the top of the board. While he attaches that for me, I have to run and do school pick up again (mom’s work is never done).

Wow, he was quite the busy bee while I was gone. Even went ahead and cut out the opening for the tray. Now all I need to do is attach a small piece of window screen to the bottom of the tray.  I’m gonna use a window screen so rain does not pool up in the bottom, that will cause a lot of mold problems that I have run into before with my bird feeders.  And I can’t really use any cage wire, since openings are to big, then it will all just fall straight through to the ground, making the tray pointless.

Good thing this involves a tool that I am allowed to play with!! Just your basic staple gun….you don’t need to go crazy, they won’t be sleeping in it or anything, maybe.  I only stapled at the midpoint since I was going to be adding glue on the edges to act as a sealant, but this is not necessary, mostly for my comfort since we have interesting squirrels around here.

Now just let that FULLY cure…geez….I am so stinking impatient.  Have to wait 24 hours, guess I will be back at this tomorrow!!

Yay!!! I made it…barely, got another empty bottle to use for something else.  Anyway we won’t get into that….now to make sure everything still fits ok.  No crazy creeks or snaps….that’s a good sign!!  Well since that worked out well….TIME TO FILL IT UP!!!  WOOOHOOO!! Be sure to leave a small gap at the bottom, I did about an inch (2.54cm), to allow flow but not too much or it will just dump everything out.  Yay….pretty happy with it, but ultimately it is up to the squirrels.  If not, oh well, birds will just have another feeder.

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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