Guess I will clean out my microwave

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So the weekend didn’t go as I had hoped.  Between the weather and other little monkey wrenches getting tossed in the mix, I was only able to accomplish, um ……………. nothing. Ugh. Didn’t get to work on my rock bed around the my rain chain, didn’t get to pull my Halloween decorations from the attic, didn’t get to start on Halloween costumes either.  Ok, well maybe one thing, I did get to go pick out some materials for my kids Halloween costumes but that was about it (will be sharing that later!).

Oh well, new week, time to move on with other things that I need to get done.  Since I have things that have now overflowed in to my week this post will be pretty short, but hopefully helpful.

I am gonna share something I tried out and really like.  Like I told ya before, anything quick and simple in my life is awesome.  So when I found an even easier way (even easier than when I cleaned my stove) to clean my microwave, I wanted to share.   Again don’t judge, told ya I was bad about neglecting certain chores.

Haha actually looks better in picture than in person….thank goodness!!

Same as before, the ingredients list is really short.  Apple cider vinegar and water, BAM!!!  You can use white vinegar but the smell irritates me when it is heated, so I just use apple cider vinegar since that one doesn’t bother me.  All you need to get together is…

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 2-3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • large glass bowl/container (make sure it is safe for the microwave, don’t wanna blow up the microwave or anything crazy)
  • damp warm rag or sponge

Place your bowl in the microwave with the water/vinegar mixture, then just “cook” on high for 5 minutes.  Be careful not to strain yourself, as this is hard work.  When it is done just leave it in the microwave….do not open the door.  Steam will continue to do its magic, you only need to leave it in there for about 2 or 3 minutes.  Just grab a snack (or glass of wine, won’t judge, hehe) while ya wait.

Once the time is up from resting and munching on that chocolate you had hidden from the kiddos, carefully remove the bowl (it will still be pretty warm) and just start wiping out the inside with a warm rag or sponge.  If you have any stubborn spots just dip your rag or sponge in the warm mixture and wipe. Should come up pretty easy. I had to remove the glass turntable, since I had some big mysterious white spot on it, and wipe it down in the sink with the mixture.  After placing it back in the microwave….Viola, almost as purdy as the day we bought it!!   Not bad for only 10 minutes worth of work!!

So clean!!!

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica



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