Spooky/Fun Halloween Witch Potion Bottles

Written by: Renee Reiter

I know, I know…halloween stuff already Renee…BUT I promise I have a good reason. Since I am in the retail business I find it hard to find time from October – December for my crafting fun, so I usually do it all early. What’s worse is all the craft stores are only enabling my behavior by having all the halloween goodies out already!

Potion bottles are something I have wanted to make for soooo long. I decided to have some fun playing around with the idea of filling them with various items first. If that didn’t work I was going to bust out the black paint and make tea stained labels LOL.

I am happy with these though and it has me excited to do more! Hoping to add labels, melted wax, and maybe even a Spell book! Gah! I am excited just thinking about it….but alas that’s a post for another day. All of these were easy and fun to make! Come read how to make them all!



I made these using 24 hour air dry modeling clay. I tried several methods as usual before landing on the one that worked best. What worked best for me was to roll the clay out leaving it about 1/4 inch thick, maybe more and then cut the bone shapes out of the clay (I just did it free hand with a blade) and then shape them up with your fingers. Add dirt from the backyard to the bottom of the jar and Voila!




This was probably one of my favorites to make!! I ended up adding the two “flying” bats because they looked too lifeless in the jar.


I got these wood bats from Michael’s Craft Store and they had little white stickies on the back of them. For the ones I put in the bottom of my jar I pulled the sticky part of the back. They came off super easy.

For the flying bats I left the white sticker part on.


The little sticky dot on the back has a white piece of paper that you have to peel off to get to the sticky part. I pulled the paper off, placed my clear string down and then placed the piece of paper back on (like a sandwich) to hold the string in place.

Then I flipped my cork for the jar over and placed the other ends of the string on the cork and attached by applying a Glue Dot and then pressing down. Can I just mention here how much I love Glue Dots?? I use them all the time! No mess and really sticky!



Some cheap crafting supplies is all it took to make the other jars. These “googley” wiggle eyes were perfect for an Eye of Newt jar.

I bought a pack of fake feathers and used only the black and red ones to make a jar that I will later label “Poison Feathers”

The three smaller jars all have glitter in them. When I do my fun label projects these will get names like: Sleeping Charm, Ghost Whispers, and Unicorn Blood


We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.

– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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