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Little Free Library

Written by Jessica Chaffins

A few months ago the principal from a local elementary school was looking for someone who would be up to the task of making a little free library for her school.  If you are not familiar,  there is a website,, that is a global registry for neighborhood libraries or book nooks.  These are small libraries that are filled with donated books.  There is essentially no time limit on how long you borrow a book, it isn’t even required to be returned to the same little library.  You can borrow a book here and return to it to a library in Colorado, heck even China!!  You are only asked to donate a book for every one you take.  To find out more info, click the link above and see what they are all about.  Continue reading Little Free Library


Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Ohhh the outdoors….how I love you!! So many wonderful things to enjoy being outdoors…the gorgeous flowers, sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the enchanting birds, wonderful scent of a barbeque going, my girls laughing in the distance, lightnin’ bugs (fireflies for all you non-southerners hehe) fluttering in the dusk.  Then we have the squirrels….lowdy all the squirrels.  I have to admit they are pretty entertaining most of the time so they don’t really bother me being all over the yard too much, until they want to attack my bird feeders.  Guess it is their way of letting me know I am being slack in their feedings…hmm, starting to act like my kids a little bit here.  Anyway, I do like being able to tend to them too, even if it is for my own personal entertainment, so my husband was awesome enough to make them some feeders a few years ago.  I am sure most of you know the damage they can cause, so needless to say it is time for an upgrade. Continue reading Even gonna treat my squirrels to a little upgrade

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Written by Jessica Chaffins

YES!!! WE have finally reached one of my favorite times of the year…..HALLOWEEN!!! Oh how I love all the decorations, the costumes, MAKING of the costumes, the trick or treating, the ghoulish food…it is just an all-around entertaining time for me.  Being able to be silly, dressing up my girls as I would have and just have a tons of fun.  I am always on the hun for inspiration and ideas, everywhere, especially Pinterest (duh, who doesn’t). So when I stumbled across the roses with eyes, I could not pass it up. So simple, easy, so subtle and CHEAP (my favorite part)! Continue reading Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Guess I will clean out my microwave

Written by Jessica Chaffins

So the weekend didn’t go as I had hoped.  Between the weather and other little monkey wrenches getting tossed in the mix, I was only able to accomplish, um ……………. nothing. Ugh. Didn’t get to work on my rock bed around the my rain chain, didn’t get to pull my Halloween decorations from the attic, didn’t get to start on Halloween costumes either.  Ok, well maybe one thing, I did get to go pick out some materials for my kids Halloween costumes but that was about it (will be sharing that later!).

Continue reading Guess I will clean out my microwave

Saturday is here people….what are y’all up to?  Not much here for me…other than good ole’ ‘merican football for most (it is fall in the south, so wouldn’t expect much less).  But I spent most of my day doing chores, figuring out halloween costumes for this year, and plotting out what goodies I wanna share with you 🙂 this week. Hope y’all are havin’ a good one!! 

-Jessica Chaffins

Craft Room Organizing…If That’s Possible

Written by: Renee Reiter

Hey y’all! I was cleaning up the craft room yesterday….(hiding the clutter really) and thought I would share 5 of the cheap things that have helped me stay organized over the years. Nothing super inventive or anything but I thought I would share. After all is there such a thing as too many organization ideas? I think not! Continue reading Craft Room Organizing…If That’s Possible

Time has come to hang it up…..

Written by Jessica Chaffins

… backpacks that is.  My wall mounted coat rack that my husband made for has worked out great, except for the girls backpacks (insert eye roll here). Originally I asked him to make me another one to hang little lower on the wall for backpacks, but quickly changed my mind. Decided I would use something a little more simple.  I love decorative hooks and knobs…hundreds of tiny pieces of art that subtly reflect your personality!!  So of course I had to visit my local Hobby Lobby and dig through all their lovely treasures!! Continue reading Time has come to hang it up…..

Wine Bottle Rain Chain…actually rebar but let’s not get into semantics 

Written by  Jessica Chaffins

I’m so excited now that I finally get to put some of these EMPTY wine bottles to use!!!  As much as I have enjoyed accumulating most of these bottles, I have grown tired of looking at all these things just laying around…EMPTY at that!!  Oh well. Back to what I was sayin’….I have finally figured out a very beneficial use …a “rain chain”!!  For those you who might not know what that is, a rain chain is a replacement for a downspout on your gutter system that disrupts the flow of water.  It helps to keep the water from pounding into the ground, in turn causing the ground to erode around the foundation, which will cause serious foundation problems (already been down this road, rather not go back). Continue reading Wine Bottle Rain Chain…actually rebar but let’s not get into semantics