My fav (and successful) recipe from Pinterest

Baked Potato Soup Courtesy of Mama Loves Food!

Written by Jessica Chaffins

Fall is my favorite time of year!!! Especially all the crisp season food favorites!! Potato soup has always been a fav for me and my husband (my girls too if mood strikes them in the moment ***eye roll***). What makes it even better is that it is one of the bazillion recipes I have “pinned” on Pinterest that even turned out good (to our liking anyway)….ya know what I mean….come on….I am not the only one that has had plenty of fails from Pinterest hehe!! Anyway, I made just as she has done, tons of garlic and all.  I do have to say that you will need to have a 6 or 7 quart crock pot!! I have a 6 quart and there was literally NO ROOM!! So if you like potato soup, I encourage you to give this one a shot and let us know whatcha think!! Hope ya enjoy!!


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