Rustic Plaque for Liquid Sanity

Written by Jessica Chaffins


Well here I go again….as I am sure you will learn, I do not have the privilege of having enough storage space (but really what mom thinks she does), so why not have something that will be useful (hopefully) as well as visually appealing. One luxury that I do have, is plenty of wall space. So last year I used my some of my cast iron cookware as my kitchen decor. I love all the character within the wood, now I want to continue in my dining room with the similar idea.

After taking a few measurements of what room I had to play with, I knew I had plenty of room to get a 5-6 bottle rack to work. So I raided my husband’s lumber stash to see what I could find to brainstorm with. After a little while I decided on these pieces and how I preferred for it to look.

Since this rack is  going to have so much weight pulling on the wall, I am  going to use a french cleat system to help with weight distribution.  So we need to clamp it all together to get accurate measurements to cut our cleats properly…..or so I hope.  Have to be careful on how tight you make the clamps, you just want to make sure it stays together snuggly (if that is even a word) too tight and you can cause a funky little bow in the wood (learned that one the hard way)!!

Now onto my husbands favorite part … getting to cut up some wood!!! Wooohooo!!! Not gonna lie, glad he likes it cause his table saw intimidates me a little!!  Anyway, he turned the blade to a 45 degree angle to make the cuts for the cleats.  Once that is done, he cut them to proper length to fit on the back. Yes, I know, it would have been easier to cut the board to length first but we didn’t think it was enough (yes we only “eyeballed” it) to get two sets of cleats out of it. Either way, we got it!!

He made sure that we pre-drilled the holes to avoid splitting the wood later.  My husband also, for extra reinforcement, applied a generous amount of wood glue before he started to attach it with screws. I wanted it to keep the slight gaps between the pieces so we took all these extra steps and used a screw in the cleats per slat of wood to make sure nothing moves or slips over time.


Once you finish attaching the top….rinse and repeat….do the same for the bottom cleat.  This is what it should look like on the back.  I will be staining the entire thing, including pieces being attached to the wall. Wanting the final product to look as though it was a piece that I have removed from an old floor or barn and just put directly on the wall.


Ugh….I hate sanding.!! Good thing is my husband is nice enough to do all the sanding for me. He is doing it very lightly to only get rough and sharp pieces off the wood. I want to leave most of the dirt that has stained the wood plus I love all the texture!! Almost hate to stain it….almost!!


Now that all that is over….LET’S STAIN!!! With my husband being the crazy woodworker he is, we have tons of stain color options.  I like the darker color stains so I used up the last of the English Chestnut (hehe…he will get more) And now I am back to just waiting, ugh.  tick tock tick tock !!


Now that has completely dried (after 24 lloooonnnngggg hours) I dragged some sandpaper all over it.  Only wanted to remove some of the this “crispness” from it.  Didn’t want it to look so clean and neat.

I am so excited that this is ready to hang!! Normally, It is best to attach the cleats to studs but In this case space between stubs is too far apart for this cleat system. Since we can only attach to one stud we used a threaded toggle bolt rated to hold about 30+ lbs per bolt. My wine rack weighs roughly 40lbs but i wanted to make sure problems wouldn’t arise when I actually put my wine on it.  AAAHHH….I’m so excited and so nervous at the same time.  With my luck it would rip out of the wall and crash…..oh my nerves!!

Rustic Wine Rack

HOLY COW!!! It is done…..kinda hehe!! I am so in love with this piece!!!  Still have some smaller additions to do for it (but that will be revealed later….hehe not telling)!!! All the time that this has taken has been very worth it.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading my rambles, I am excited that you took the time to tune in to what goes on in my crazy little bubble I call home :). 

We hope that you saw something here today to help you during your own crafting & life adventures. We encourage our readers to share their own projects in the comments as we absolutely LOVE seeing what others were inspired to create. We also kindly ask that comments be polite or constructive.
– Sincerely Renee & Jessica


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